[ENG] Download, Install, Patch Guide

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    This guide has been made up by: fullofpain

    How to Download, Install, Patch DBO Global

    ''Note: if you choose to pick the zip file or any other packed file you will need winrar, or any other unpacker like it."

    Winrar 64-bit download: Click Here

    Winrar 32-bit download: Click Here

    "Note: If you are having problems with net framework 3.5, follow the download link below the note"

    Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (official page) download: Click Here

    "Note: if you are having unknown problems to run or start the game it might be your DirectX9.0c, follow download link below this note"

    DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtime (official page) download: Click Here

    The Steps

    1. Click Here to download DBO Global (Client)

    2. To register a new account Click Here

    3. Choose the download that you prefer, I recommend TORRENT (it has an executable rather than a packed file like (zip.rar. etc.) But you could pick any you like.

    4. Once its downloaded, open the file (FOR TORRENT DOWNLOAD) "DBOG SETUP.exe" and follow the instructions through the installation

    4.1. Once its downloaded, unpack the file (FOR OTHER DOWNLOADS) "DBOG SETUP.zip" with winrar. After installing winrar you can open a sub-menu on the file with the right mouse button. If you still cannot work this out I suggest you google around how to do this!


    5. If you do not know how to install a game, you might want to learn how to run executables and learn to install a game. (all I can add is, if you have problems then Run it as Administrator)

    6.Open the folder of where you installed DBOG, Open the ''DBOGLauncher.exe (application)'' and depending what language you desire you will need to click the "Settings (shown in pic)'' and change it into the correct region and language. And Patch it, relaunch the Launcher to play (click START) after its patched (or you could instantly use DBOG.exe (application)).


    7. You will need an account first. To register your account Click Here. After that you can login at the start menu inside the game to play!

    You can always pm me on the forum if you need other help that is not specified in these steps so I can even add more installation help, thanks: GoldenBlaster

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