Top 5 Animes

  • 1- Hunter X Hunter :thumbsup:
    2- Hunter X Hunter
    3- Hunter X Hunter Again
    4- Hunter X Hunter again and again
    5- Hunter X Hunter ( i'm really starting to piss you off right ? )
    6- Hunter X Hunter ( well this is my last one.)

    Hunter X Hunter. :whistling:



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  • 1: Dragonball (Z & GT ) All 3 yes lmao
    2: All Dragonball (Z & GT) movies
    3: Bleach, Naruto, FMA: Brotherhood, Samurai Champloo
    4: Rurouni Kenshin, Soul Eater, Hellsing (Ultimate)
    5: Lots of others I didn't mention :huh:

  • 1. Every Miyazaki film (especially Mononoke)
    2. Trigun
    3. Dragon Ball Series (including Z - excluding GT. GT did not happen. I do not believe in GT. it is against my DB religion)
    4. Cowboy Bebop
    5. Lupin the 3rd

  • Woah snowman slow down. One piece is my number 1! Let me knock you down a peg to 8th grade Chuunibiyo demo koi ga shitai which is my number 2. yu yu hakusho (sorry its cold being around snow. can't help but sneeze.) as number 3. My giant robot animal waifu Zoids can wibble wobble weabu into number 4. Naruto franchise makes me free french fries with french eyes that cannibalize number 5.

    forgive me Iceman. you probably remember how i get when i post on forums when im tired. :sleeping: :censored: :sleeping:

  • 1. Bleach
    2. Shingeki no Kyojin
    3. Death Note
    4. Code Geass
    5. DB & DBZ

    6. Naruto
    7. Log Horizon
    8. Sword Art Online
    9. Btooom!
    10. Magi
    11. Fairy Tail
    12. Death Parade
    13. Blade & Soul

    I intend to watch: Tokyo Ghoul, One Piece & Beelzebub :P

  • 1- Dragonball Z, GT & everything related to it lol.
    2- Attack on titan
    3- Hunter X Hunter
    4- Naruto
    5- One piece

    While teaching others we teach ourselves.

  • 1. All of dragon ball series

    2. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

    3. Nanatsu no Taizai

    4. Akame Ga Kill

    5. Attack on Titan

    Not in order any order but Dragon ball is top for sure, also there are more but I guess only 5. :thumbup:

  • When i was young: Dragonbal, Ranma 1/2, Detective Conan
    When i was teen: AIKa (yeay, big boobs and panty shots) :D:whistling:, Dragonball Z (gets boring after freeza, still finished it)
    Now... Well nothing special..

    Me fail english? That's unpossible!

  • 1- One Piece
    2- Dragon Ball //z //GT
    3- Detroit Metal City
    4- Slam Dunk
    5- Detective Conan
    6- cowboy bebop
    7- Bobo- BO 8)
    8- Dr.Slum
    9- yu yu hakusho
    10- Evangelion

    ギア4 ... Mucho HYPE!


  • The people who put either DBZ or Naruto #1 probably hasn't seen many animes.
    For Naruto EVENTUALLY I could understand, but DBZ was pretty bad, it just got popular because it's old but as the anime / manga world is right now, there is MUCH MUCH better.
    It's not the best manga, not the worst one, it's a classic.

    1. Code Geass
    2. Steins;Gate
    3. Guilty Crown
    4. Monogatari Series
    5. SNAFU

    Honorable mentions to 5 centimeters per second, that movie was just awesome, if you haven't seen it yet do so, you won't regret.
    Oh also Golden Time was pretty fucking good too.

  • 1. Dragonball/Dragonball Z
    2. Fairy Tail
    3. Naruto/Naruto Shippuden
    4. Blue Exorcist
    5. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

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