Future of the server (CA, OA, CB and OB)

  • I want to make this quick.

    My opinion about Closed/Open Alphas and Betas - nonsense. This kind of thing is not for this kind of a project. You should have made that Closed Alpha silent with a few players and then release public release (while not stable, for example Aura Kingdom private server, Ninja Saga. These games came directly to Open Alpha state and were updated from time to tame. Basic structure was tested in so called "Closed Alpha"). Now you are just teasing people. I know you want more fans but releasing server for everyone to come is the best choice.

    You should pick lvl caps and use the time to update the game and fix the bugs. The first lvl cap could be lvl 25 or something close to this. You could have this cap for 2 months if you want. People would be happy. You would have enough time to fix stuff. And then you could raise lvl caps by 5 lvls from time to time.

    Also, a lot more people would report bugs. Of course it would be harder but your community would grow stronger.

  • It's kinda a funny coincidence that you speak of Aura Kingdom Private server, since I was one of There GameSage. My very first video for them got 42k views on yt xD it was just me talking on voice over of tachi gameplay. Great memories anyways, back to your subject.

    I understand how you feel, You believe that we should have lay out the ground work, the foundation to build on. Have those tested then bring out the game as a public alpha testing for everyone to join. Though there's a few reason of why we did not take such a route. First of all, it was the overwhelming support of the community. They want, we give. We're here to make our community happy. For the past 4-5 days we have been doing private invite only closed alpha testing. Until our community demanded to be able to try the game. So we took that chance to give the people what they wanted as well as help us toward development.
    Now you're probably wondering still why not just do what you suggest. Get some content fix it up and host it and add fixes and content one at a time.
    Well there's a big difference between DBO and let's say Aurakingdom. DBO retail server is shut down, so we have to code EVERYTHING by ourselve from stretch. Aura Kingdom is accesible there is so many ways to emulate it. Not to mention that The aura kingdom private server doesn't need to do any of this because they have access to the server files and basically everything X-Legend has. So its not hard for them to get a 100% retail-bug free server working. Though for us we rely on players interaction and feedback. I can go on and on but you get the gist.

    It's hard doing what we do, and this is the easier way for us to please the community as well as keeping developing the game day by day.

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