i wanna play Dende but...

  • I want to play Dende Priest but i dont meet anybody who plays together with me. So, i can play Dende lonely? Can i success quests without help? if i can not, what's your offer for me?

    Welcome to the lonely dende world :dmad: Currently being lv 70 for a dende is quite boring, it is only expected that @Daneos put the papaya dungeons.. i hope SOON :D

    And believe me, the option of create another pj after having climbed with a dende ,you would not want to go farming ever :comcom11:

  • Dende is a tough class to level up. However, as you are a rare class but needed in dungeons, you should exploit that. You'll easily find parties to go uds (Ultimate Dungeons) and spam them for exp. They will love you if you heal good (that's your role and it will be a good training too) and prolly add you to their friendlist and whisper you whenever they want to spam UDs for exp.

    Also, you'll receive lots of whispers if you write in LFP channel saying "Healer looking for party UDx whisper me"... :D

    Hard, but an epic class, is a big challenge. Depending on what you want to experience during this pre-open beta - remember all the characters will be wiped when Open Beta is realeased - you'll want to stick with the challenge or try a more merciful class like turtle or shadow knights to give some examples.

  • Thanks guys. i decided. i will play another class on beta cause of i had never played before this game. so firstly i should learn this game(like dungeons, dragon balls, skills, gameplaying bla bla). when start offical, i will go on Dende with all my experiences :)

  • dende is hard to lvl up but if you at max lvl and have good gear you can do most of all bosses solo means RP dungeon boss , Ultimte dungeon boss , tmq boss and world boss too



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