• Hey guys I saw a great way to show and explain build from echoson Build Helper : Fighter Skills [ENGLISH GUIDE] for a fighter i thought to use his format to explain cranes

    Cranes are a very unique class in the game.

    There class relies on dot's (damage over time) and debuffs to kill opponents in long drawn out battles, they are also the only human masterclass with a heal move

    For some Crane Hermits can be hard to play and thats why they are the least popular human class in dbog. I'm hear to help encourage more people to try out this fascinating class and to give information about the wide arsenal of skills and abilities that cranes wield.

    Theres Many Ways to build a crane none is perfect it all depends on your play style. after reading this use the link below
    to build your crane tools.dboglobal.to/?tool=Skill-Calculator&class=Crane-Herm

    all dot calcs are based with the full crane presentation mastery and increased persisted damage updated version june 6 2017 Heres a quick summary of strenghts and weakness this class

    Strenghts of Cranes:
    1) they rely on Dot's (they ignore attack and defense status guaranteed to do the damage that they advertise no matter what)
    2) dont need to upgrade weapons. Since they use dots as there main form of damage upgraded weapons are not needed. see brackets above to know why.
    3) THEY ARE BEST DEBUFFER IN THE GAME see skills below
    4) there skills and builds can work for both pve and pvp (very interchangeable)

    5)they have decent stuns duration but they work differently than other classes see skills sleep and freeze. (skills with mediocre duration spirit wave and energy heat wave see how they work below)

    6)Great cooldowns on dots. most of cranes dots have fast cooldown good for spamming

    Weakness of Cranes:
    1) Not a Newb friendly class, players new to this game might struggle with the cranes skill set
    2) Lack of a true stun. Cranes dont have stuns like other classes usually there stuns require a certain type of dot present or they wont work.
    3)Long cast time (alot of cranes skills have cast time inorder for the move to work) actually they have the most moves with a cast time, if its a sleep move, a strong energy attack or a strong dot cranes require some time to charge there best moves while most other classes dont.
    4) Long cooldowns (cranes skills like thousand slashes, have the longest cool down inthe game with 1min 45 seconds without cd gear) alot of crane moves have a very long cooldown which doesnt allow them to easly crank off the same combos as quick as other classes.
    5)Short Range DOTS (some of cranes dots are very short range, leaving them exposed for an enemy stun to hit them while a crane is trying to get close enough to hit there target)
    6) IM not a FAN of a cranes weapon (bad joke lol) c kinda looks shitty to be honest a fan really wtf was those creators thinking.

    7) very squishy die easily in pvp, dont expect to survive more than a few hits in battle and expect to get 2-3 shotted.

  • SKILLS Spirutalist (all dot skills listed have been tested on mobs in papaya with a lvl 70 crafted +0 glove and +0 fan)

    w7aGn8XynvoWAPr4VUcpfGwvSF-BqMhva1KrraiYD_dlQQA5qAZrCGbD4hFY-JoeJRMHotDZ34oYdUondkdZNZ3iijjoe1rk0pg2r6XOh8LpmJRpJxQDAkHmxoKDpR28Fgjh-rJBDouble Bleed: one of the first skills automatically learned in game DOES 16 abdominal damage and 120% state damage this skill is not worth adding any sp to as it hardly does any damage over time or at all for that matter and has 25m range. To make matters worse this skill doesn’t get stronger with higher levels by the time you hit lvl 20 your auto attack will provide more damage than this move. min dot damage per 2 seconds 34 lp max damage per 2 seconds 146 lp

    GKe1dt46KOEXzfJ8EQOuNclRxVyIoFgi7wgSXIK5E18JXQq6d4sS_M0LcckQME5bpihCwu_ADtIbZO4wtheNB1sMkBTHMCZpQeQlAprxHula1-k_YwlxwCd7xZtmSHlkAYhip-WyRapid Shot: one of the first skills automatically learned in game does 41 energy damage plus 93% energy atk damage, this skill is a go to damage move in lower levels as a spirtualist. It’s a great move to finish off targets quickly and effiecently . Personally once you have your crane hermit master class I would not add any sp to it keep it at 1. It is still a usefull move as you go up levels but maxing it is not necessary basically this is a quick move to finish off targets useful in pve or pvp. For rp balls to be utilize I say only use only increase skill power (red ball) to maximize damage!

    Vz9JUKZMSdeEvVbgxQUHo9f0XMS9fxAH3vCT_AEi74g6BMAGIA4OWgdKmUAbSPpJhtBhis09HftzDKKAScyIAPF-w88HR73cVs-MPT9WF3h-My0D3zRpCkRlpjfrtJ5CXlAy_FOg Area Bleed: This bleed affects 32 targets within 8 m of target does 25% state damage and does 23 bleed damage per 2 second with a cooldown of 3 seconds (fastest recharge skill) Sounds good but it is a skill not worth any investing too for a spiritualist or crane hermit as its max 5 sp only gives 81 bleed damage. You may have to use 1 sp if you are going to have solid bleed as your burn skill.min dot damge per 2sec 50lp second max dot per 2 second damage 176 lp!

    THak28NuiDhMh_eBqWkwjrkuYp1dM1ZwIjRJV1_7OtEQgI9vWtCxyQNGduPDZchgVgTgQUMacRRZC_YScQXPckzBaG1jOqLaIQZ78VHgcMk2qKO1X0-qTk3nISDqqhbJdQn9JoIA Physical Curse: the first debuff skill you learn, 10% reduction in melee attack, at maxed sp it reduces melee damage by 25%. I would not recommend maxing this skill as theres better debuffs available for both spirtualist and crane hermits, but you will need to use 1 sp inorder to get more usefull skills. As a lvl 70 crane I use this move once in a while in pve but never in pvp. If you have 1 sp you dont have an rp ball option but if you chose to have more I say reduce cool down so you can target another victim

    3b0QxW2c-wZKUH87O7z8s_bYTlXqWAjCdqH_G3IHhZGOTBZgsD43d2dVg4DTbnpRxDySeYGhjb9m5tjzchpBFwDFj22s1h5vrhOrzxqQIk4MO9zJfP0mzpaVClec2HCMXWn1ny3W Kamehomeha:A decent spirtualist move charge your energy blast of 1 second and fire 67 damage plus 100% energy damage. It’s the spirtualist only knock down move with 4 sp At maxed sp it does excellent damage but once you become a crane hermit forget about this move as tri beam cannon is a much stronger move at takes less sp to make it better. My recommendation is to max the sp of this move while you a spiritualist then when you hit lvl 30 and want to become a master reset you skills and forget this move existed it cost too much sp to make it good for a crane hermit. Rp balls Ill recommend are 2 knock down for bosses or if you do rank before master class. For your average pve mob the rp ball I recommend is increase skill damage

  • kVbGVcUaYjmI234kc9taG0qZdpS5GMV1gHyqoTw3XnW-4gyTNUbxqLgH87H9t9FnXRkiRd7qfLhj4n9wcPtf_7qNXZtzbKlQwlA5TJmkjiIoP_4O3zxVuf3mTqigXhmDDjqGjoT-Spirtual Damage Boost: The first buff you learn increases energy attack by 11 when maxed increases energy attack by 46. I recommend maxing this when you’re a spirtualist but not a crane hermit. Crane Hermits use damage over time skills which there damage does not increase the bleed or burn skill! If you increase you energy or physcial attack it will only increase the first hit (base damage) of the dot being cast that’s all. You will need 1 sp used on it as a crane to get to you hypnosis skill but that’s all. It is usefull in pve for both spirtualist(maxed sp or 1 sp) and crane (1sp only). Dont use rp ball for this skill at all no need since it last way longer than cooldown.

    y502HhKHp2p2saZCiL5kNiPwlERhBHLWj_jbm0ikGJ2ygPcqAVq8u9xW3foiE8FHJVzwvE4PUE2Mje-8lWP7MC9dr570NRswJDqvoynMKOGVMo3XAzROqHl-xI3utpt-bh8f9XDWEp recovery: sacrifice life points to gain some energy points. This skill is garbage just use pots to heal your ep, personally I have never heard of a crane putting more than 1 sp on this skill and they only do this to get to hypnosis skill. Recommendation use only 1 sp. I have rarely used it to help me in a pinch in grinding for levels so meh. Dont use rp ball at all

    JDUqtycsvwwA9T-FyDwOe0e8u_pgDc56o9J7OjdOlZdr_85VzQ5CA1IkH7X6hFVLhkGkH2f3Pu2pKw1KNkLWaQXWmxULX6kEJxyx7Xa79qTj700Czgn9CzXxKLWy4U0wulT00iN7Speed Restrain; Reduce your targets speed by 80% for 10 seconds at max its 90% for 22 seconds with a quick cool down of 24 seconds. This skill is extremely handy for pvp and pve. Against melee targets with little to no range this move practially slows them to a halt and you can fire your long range attacks as they have to dash to get closer. My recommendation is to max this for crane hermit and spirtualist use this as a starter move against melee bosses or mobs and use this as a starter move against melee targets like fighter and sword in rank matches.

    JE8s6RxCEuJH1zRQPDV_eVG_kd01THkJ3Kjq6txe33nLsrCZ4j9UnkWR_WAgumkfIYlFagM3ouxdzB2ARkoLwqVF8ihwdJS6dYwlu1HQFseLBid2IC4ELM1CxjbSZ-0um-4lYp-F Spirit Ball:a Spirtualist go to move for damaging targets if u get behind the target it gets 1.5x damage and even slows target by 4%. Max this move out as a spirutalist but don’t put any sp on it for crane hermit as theres way more better moves in a cranes aresenal. Rp ball that you most likely use is increase skill damage but in pvp rank if your opponent decides to guard you can kill him in one shot with guard break keep this in mind I have actually beaten people with this rp ball on plat :)

    VFrgGziikPSqZNa5_4rMC8ulke6Vul4wbuUTgm9XCSu3fvjbq0v0DpjpDF-cA6KjFtW_zaEJ9A_YOmw9IY_k7pNiG14j7zITAf5xQxfq-26W08umfUgD5ur5Zr7GVsgmOiCwM2Z-Solid Bleed: the first burn your character will learn. This move is my recommended burn for cranes as it has decent range 25m a good area of effect 8m on 32 targets and it cast rather quickly this move can be complemented by energy heat wave to confuse targets. Upon retesting I found it has a minium of 111lp per 2 seconds and a maxed output of 457 lp per 2 seconds. If this is going to be you burn move maxing this skill out for cranes is VERY IMPORTANT FOR A NEW USER some cranes don't have any burn moves and still do fine in pvp scenarios even with bleed reduction gear. but I recommend for new cranes to have a single burn move either fiery shout or solid bleed for pvp purposes as it helps with reduction bleed gear.
    RP ball recommendation increase skill damage output as this does increase the dot damage and actually does more damage Compared to the 7 second increase.

  • iumvYtGYz6ZthoYm3qFTWHjgrmmwrSsDBMXCs7EU2GjPT7Xg9loabaIDz3Jxl5lRNGAB-H9kBliAGziAI4lPlJ5YrxIWBOVPo6nqrwXOxUJx03EQIwOizK_DeiC39diCP-H2jXwg Spiritual Cut Damage: reduces targets energy damage at 10% when max 20%. Just like physical curse I would not recommend maxing this skill as theres better debuffs out there. Dont rp ball this skill

    odgpg0UIq_v7FKMwjYYMHK5K9VluSmUA9ziTJxWz9bU6RImNx2RvwnubfWGH6qsGzDcEuHnQAlHgNPCje1a9B92af2V-NMZ5uplJZO_PXqfY5YESCcNY7D7Wz4ea5Q7x7dZByW9lEnergy Reduction:heal yourself or a target by reducing energy gives 76 lp every 2 seconds for a decrease in 7 energy. max sp it gives 194 lp for 20 energy. This skill is like using food for your character except u don’t have to sit down. Sounds good . please note thou most cranes don’t max it as it has little use for pvp, attacks get so powerful that 194 lp per 2 seconds isnt very helpful. Food pots can be utilized in pve to a similar effect if you are not in a battle and are in a safe place to rest. Dont rp ball this skill

    YlAINzYuyEUl_FdAh_EX7HVZzJvpBM54DzDmhK_1hSyR2a_pCOEHlNW6CXNtrG2hFKZfYW4FfcJW6sjcHPg2lom4kpfpVGzJ_KRAtRl0J7nXTX2Ml4QejzoGhcW1joVYSTK9VMrbPoison Bleed: does some state damage and inflicts poison damage to your opponent with a 2 sec cast time. This is crane masters only poison move which must be used before using spirit wave (cranes only stun).. This move does provide versatility for a crane hermit. Depending on your play style and desire of build pve or pvp you may wish to incorporate this skill in your crane hermit arsenal. I use it but many cranes dont. Maxing this move out does cost alot of sp 10 in total to get to the move so use at your sp at your own discretion. rp ball i recommend is increased damage (red ball) . You want more dot damage since its not that great, also the break guard takes too long to fire off on a target a smart pvp player wont fall for this rp ball. UPON TESTING I FOUND A MINIUM OF 80LP PER2 SECONDS WITH A MAXED OUT SP DAMAGE OUTPUT IT GOES UP TO 263 LP PER 2 SECONDS

    Spirtualist Bleed go to move this is the first bleed you get that is very useful for a spiritualist with high dot and quick cast time. For crane the move gets outclassed by dodon ray; but I recommend spiritualist to max this before 30 and try it out remove after lvl 30 since it gets out classed. If you like this move then you most likely will enjoy having a crane hermit as your master class over a turtle. min damage per 2 second 228lp per 2 second, max 394 lp per 2 second

    0XqFM9rvqJrwfQLE6ocCVSoGN9Ovd7NwrZnDoKsV-TCLZo-Qp_rRz8O2uS6oOFR1PzxlSVN0PuZiSXFiy0evFfD3-Q-X3Pf6Cd-3lyDbFC7-pUzUCNDPG20cNmboNRKhS11eB595 Weaken Defense: This is a spiritualist best debuff in my opinion. It lowers both energy and melee defense of several targets. It does 266 with 1 sp and over 500 with 3 sp. This move is great for the spiritualist so you can fire you main energy attacks to get more damage. It’s good for a Crane because it allows there base dot damage to be larger. This move is great for pve or pvp ( I would recommend this move in pvp to be only used when a target is asleep, ) . Dont use rp ball for this skill increasing the duration by 7 seconds or reduce cooldown both not very useful for skill as it has already a rather quick cooldown and last long on the target.

  • KSxLAsLiqpfNp2LKaLUAI3FDbWIvO_Rw96aioWi3EDH-uR44VIefePyEKZiWpAqw5guJMkbJmNQSCnnleYYDuJwWw7hrj79ayjNqrdMHUhWFEzcGh-1ivyRVkL0csM3g09J0-0kH Hypnosis: This is a very important move for cranes for both pvp and pve this move must be maxed. Here is how it works
    It is and should not be treated as a stun it takes 2 seconds to cast and only has 35m of range and will not race any other class that has a real stun If you cast the move and attack the target (exception dodon ray barriage and double gut buster the move will end immediately and target will attack like normal.
    Cranes can utilizes this move in several ways.
    1) They first fire off as many dots on a targets as they can then use sleep so the dots can damage the target while they can’t attack you.watch their health weather away .
    2) While target is asleep they can utilize the time to debuff the target and charge a knockdown move to continue the string of attacks on the said target.

    3)utilize gut buster or dodon ray barrage to provide damage to target without waking them up! (broken not fixed skills will wake oponent up right now)

    Hypnosis needs only 1 rp ball increase duration but honestly I would not recommend using any rp ball for this skill in pvp, just use rp balls for what ever situation you have for pve

    yTvAk_ZaumSqr4FeR1c_q3_JwbBzeUrZRdjzCR6uEdlWrLEccJWnqFKVPgsCa8PvMcxoJSQZcgf58jIksXqvX_3JWN1a9HhyksH5vGV86819EZ2xCuckqBAhw4AiFV8-KssyglW_Increase persistent damage time: This passive buff increase your characters energy attack by 9 on first sp and goes up to 31. Its recommended to max this for spiritualist because your most useful moves rely on energy attacks. But as soon as you hit crane hermit you do not need this passive as mention many times on this thread dot damage is not increased by energy attack or physical attack only the base damage is increase (base damage is not important to a crane hermit)

    ti1llKJYFvxzmRi9P6LYQS2ZNgZBj-ZRapSbUBTv3g34-cn8fONlPxU2WTU7PpRlk_6IE-x2-6dkbokidTAniMhWBp-yNBRyoGX9EZGMj724Ys4YePbQDn-po75rSlKN4SyOxesTIncrease persistent Damage: This Passive Buff is very important for crane hermits but not really necessary for spiritualist since there move useful moves are energy attacks. For a Crane increasing dot damage is very important since it’s “the bread and butter” of the class. Maxing this passive when you have master class is essential to getting more damage from all your dot skills. 1 sp only does 5% while 3 sp does 22% increase.

  • Crane Hermit Skills

    tSYdKb4oTA9nCtuCZ6r1dIzQTIQn2pLn6cpyIxql3Cs7asK0aAQLUgLTRf1_1i8WxQcw5vUKHgmW_xc9Mi9inHRzHR2buJDDjQ3nIazq4eibQWdOBwwalHpLQT9L_dU_Wfj79ZNkCrane cyclone: you automatically get this move when you complete master class. hits multiple targets and cast faster than mystical crane typhoon but its weaker in terms of base damage and dot damage. upon testing I found I was doing 198 lp per 2 second with 1 sp and 427 lp per 2 second with this skill maxed out in sp. red rp ball does help with damage output its the only rp ball I recommend for this skill

    egyZN8qqpClV28y1NDSEm4iKHmyLg9vnKr6j1h5EBJNKsXqxg5F8dTu3MhIgbmpeXYWFNC0zNolnjxJTGoES0N_LilhCWpe_CbjFeVfBEAlJdUsgzfZ4GDjPHiUpK3Fx7rQ3gaJ2Crane Presentation Mastery: This passive buff increases damage done by all dots as well as increase the duration of dots. This is the most important passive buff and all good cranes max this buff as it makes dots more effective when maxed out it provides near double dot damage with a minute of duration increase. Trust me it’s worth the sp!

    LlEujFmHb17n6Kh0pyCCBwdXY9dgsZGw1of589xRBikA8z25u_WjFxLtrWkIQLNEKZ0QmCb1A0AHSCrp2WUDEmByF48J2MpcZIEEjcIJK_ua_24RjnUw8mrnSl1TwhlyaNNWwkoCCrane Discharge: the ultimate non ranked or budokai buff for a crane It increases Life Points and Energy points by 14 points(more than 1000 lp and ep) when maxed 26 points is added to those stats. This move increases survivability in the pve world and on the platform in Korin. In pvp its a skill to use near the beginning of a match to increase surviability against tanks My recommendation is if your a pve build max it. in pvp its up to you

    vISc9j7vZ962vmKOobEeq7EX76QIZZnX2E_NkvVq9C61px8Y60OTujsgCQGY4i8kdSXMpqTqBA1EWjJTavs5KseIhNaQpBAMA1IADklr6KGMsvXehwTPlLONis-3Al0MOHFrglBiResist It: This buff increases the likelihood of resisting confusion, fear,sleep, and stuns from an enemy who is trying to cast it on you. Its usefulness is more noticeable in pvp against classes that rely heavily on stuns and/or confusion to beat you. I recommend maxing this skill for a pvp build. Complementing this with resistance items will make you a hard crane to stun In pvp matches. It does also work in pve situations on mobs who have stun skills or confusion skills.

  • G1ytEGwJRO08-wfsAIPE-4XHmPzxcYbf_jHjjI13mKQbC1KmnUTkn8ady8ab2dAqcMS5w_o26YPvd5mU3DxFQX4SVbbqL8bpclWaCOxejY8ShHvhNvT5-7crgbauDAb49JWjGJRZDodon ray: This Dot is what most cranes consider to be one of thier best balance dot skills as it does provide a large amount of dot damage (when maxed) , has decent range 35m, and is the quickest dot that can be fired at a target. It can also affect more than 1 target making it usefull not just in pvp but in grinding for levels as well. I like it as a skill and have it maxed ;but I have seen some skilled cranes (Maskman) not maxing this because the skill for mystical crane typhoon provides more damage with a similar cast time. It depends on your play style if you wish to max this skill. 1 SP 198 lp per 2 sec full SP 475lp per 2 sec DOT DAMAGE approx this doesn't include a crit being hit on target.

    iTF7nnIolnegj5fKLctfCUCD-eUEs2ncgZ9ciaKSx8Ef8tEF0PPPLB_g0jSvzyo_xVUl5Z4Ck2jPdS027e21D3sqmHyJFK_bkMBmo9GDt-QdIk44v5ktrKpN7zrdxNCheoB8tBFHAgile Armour: Increases defense rate by 40% with 1 sp or 104% with 2 sp. This buff is pure pve and requires the user to have a full armour set with defense rate in order to complement this buff. Defense rate is a skill that blocks auto attacks damage showing a blue number on how much it resisted of the auto attack. If your charactor has very good defense rate armour it can be useful for grinding against mobs. BUT NOTE: DEFENSE RATE ONLY RESIST AUTO ATTACKS THEREFORE IT IS COMPLETEY USELESS IN PVP. My recommendation is not to max it just use 1 sp to get to freeze!

    p7_pg2qyq_ylFh4vREISDDRlJTpRrqSFSzgXVWE8zV_OZYF1loYW_0O3QXz_YTnBa4SyyQz2Jt3CkvdAV7FT_BCXSl5T6v0eSoq3S677TWLCxCnJjR5fXE3z3RFlyewBzOY92YHhFiery Shout:This Skill is very usefull in pve as it can hit many targets at a long range to gather and kill. There is alot of disadvantage to this skill thou as it has a very long cast time to get off making it hard to use in pvp (I don't have trouble but a lot of new ppl do). My recommendation is to only have 1 sp (if your new) on this skill so you can grind and get better skills below it on the skill tree, if your going full pve build or are very good at pvp ie tienshenhan and sendoku max this out! upon testing heres what I found out 1 sp does 189lp per2 sec damage max sp does 316 lp per 2 second.

    W_Ov5tvtMGFSMiTlMvsrMIHVm2y6-6C87_rKOZXc45nqzWeNnl_6AwglBdv03vdTOA3SjaVevt5t7Q_yHNpzjq0_tCzL2hV5i2hPqjFzWf1eVFnn1dbdgo6NIAhwl_c-eu51GsnmDouble Gut Buster: Crane hermits best abdominal damage move with an added reduction of phys atk with a reduction of 52 physical atk. Honestly this move as a debuff is not very useful. It is special in a few ways thou this right now is the only move you can cast it when an opponent is asleep and it wont wake them up :) very handy. upon testing 1 sp gives 138 per 2 sec adominal damage while it maxed gives 189 lp per 2 sec. maxing this skill out is not necessary the sp is better spent on other dots so I can only recommend to put at least 1 sp to help combo and put out damage while your opponent is asleep. rp balls are not needed for this skill.

    SWH8mmVAFeL0RBcIYfBtxZGXFAVdtOKw-tFyiQ37qqmHZGzZRodKoaOm6KBHCaRBsks5BvbGjmxiI4tg3ym6kBnZZQgICq2MgZNBTmfKTE5PbyMz5SzZZ3XPOVU48vhEXATWNLDTSecret Crane Success:this passive buff Increases crane sucess rate its very important to have this passive as it allows for your sleep and freeze skill to work against oponents with resistance to stuns and confusion. I recommend maxing this skill as cranes cant slug it out with most classes they rely on freeze and sleep to finish targets off in pvp.

  • _qGPwbkIo0Ic6qkkV0Rje2Mij7L-a6YEpuIOjyaJ_XqKTwVqFSm5YjM7RyKLlYDSK40MUTYsp1tSvIwp697W4EJ6prlkI1I6Sa7eQhB9zymzYZqOeO7dNNBkkfeZXGw6nQCwnpevTri Beam Cannon: Crane Hermits main energy attack sacrifice some lp to smash your opponent hard. Its very handy as 1 sp spent on it gives it a knock rp ability (use this near end of sleep combo to continue smashing opponents) It affects 8mx8 grid around a target making it a great killer of gathered mobs in grinding. The negatives of this skill is the lp sacrifice and the 3 second cast time . In pvp I would not use this as my first move of battle due to slow cast time other class would counter this attack simply by stunning you so in pvp use it only if target is asleep or confused! I recommend putting at least 1 sp on this skill don't max it as it hardly does damage compared to all other classes.

    RtethCKIV8cTMROy1Eaf0VfD173hj4VqfvLBi68tuWq8fGI6zpktGtzlaCsSPwgU0TjsqP9FZP0_VMt6q5ofgzXu6_i0bpdBUPicTMB9dq0IuJmMBc67LBAOxdU6aAGIk74CPbVJGraceful backstab: The ultimate Crane Debuff reduces remaining target/targets lp by 26% (up to 33% when sp maxed) of several targets within 8m of original target. This move is handy in pvp and pve with targets that have large lp points. Its the cranes go to debuff depending on your play style you can max it or only have 1 sp. I say put at least 1 sp on this skill it’s extremely handy and is the only debuff in the game that lowers targets lp.

    Y6iODHbGi-dQSLr8jYDUrtbbollSGMqQPaB0WZ0hiOAGSq7MclJ6LXAvY_Eg4LS3ijD10M7EnV09QMYXjOcE3Czjgs1tm2Hjxlr6kbi2a_PPxRgm0tti65LzZ2FDziTHD0cIcHfLSearing Crane aka SC: This is the cranes most powerful burn; and most powerful base damage dot hitting multiple targets within 15m of cast skill. One advantage to this move is you dont need to be locked on a target to hit them as long as they are within 15m of you. Also this dot has the added benifit of increasing the dot damage by 1.5x if you get behind you opponent. The negatives is the 4 second cast time and the fact you are floating in air when firing it. In Pvp its not very useful if u try to combo it in sleep you first fly up charge attack for 3 seconds fire SC and you start to fall down to the ground for 1 second after it is fired, that 1 second makes you vunerable to being hit or stunned by the opponent My recommendation is to avoid using it in pvp and use only 1 sp on it so you can get to mystical crane typhoon,
    but depending on your play style and build (pve im mainly implying) feel free to max it. testin results 1 sp= 540 lp per 2 seconds 3 sp =793lp per 2 seconds
    i44F9WxnF4OIxGOGk40H0TKtV8dWuhMtSpg4RXITCJ4KWwzeHkjObTvakNTLQ5aFzAXeJ_E0rg3qtBkGYbz4YY9o3gZDoPlpyxU0E8ZtRFwwIS1CtDhcQRxetn-j5zeaC8S1LhzmFan Out: A Crane Energy attack better damage than rapid shot works in the same way interm’s of animation but a little bit slower Add 1 sp to this move just to have some energy attacks to quickly first off opponents, also reduces oponents speed great to combo with speed restrain against melee classes it reduces opponents movement speed by 50%

    PTVbL-8AlZ_sSi7RpNpv3mfx-6V3E1GgH_48AreAUTG6PjPIDH4Kit0cH-zFgDUlaVz60IbDPoApkrPhQhE0RM3B-VJniLSDmUHEuL4V54gciiNXg-t7BaY0w1cob0Q4-xX37fxOFreeze: This is one of the most important moves that all cranes should have. It is not a stun it works similar to sleep. To utilize this skill fire off as many dot’s as you can on a target then use this skill to stop them from moving for a very long duration 18 sec for 1 sp or 25 sec when maxed. Major disadvantage to this skill is the fact that you can’t move or use another skill (other than sleep in retail dbo) if you move the skill ends so stay put when you cast this skill. I fully recommend maxing this skill as its extremely usefull in both pvp and pve situations.

  • 7Z7NSnbPrxIXaOpWA28WhsM_cM8pB-zKpYunY9MTfwMjf8vCnRBJvUEXyP4gc0yxL9LOIqMDWhk2SRNeCJitklEGKgLF7lmOY1qgnl_oHuvmSW89QA-Wevw86hdVf8LwrX2IfcDSPut out flames: Cranes Hermits heal move that completely removes burn dots its very useful in pve and pvp although the recovery of lp isnt much 1754 with 1 sp and 2876lp when maxed the ability to remove burn dots is add one rp ball very handy. No more demon energy wave causing you trouble :) Its the only healing move available to humans making cranes a very versatile class. Dont rp ball this move in pvp in pve only rp ball if you are makeshift healing in party reduce time ball will be helpful.

    uf-BQwcvPX1WqgEK5-zZ65hE82hNWU6PVVqMnqVhsoFlb3Y759jqHgR9f4v5ni3EgCsuGYqjcTySpfYaUjN-2DgKetnYXjj4lN_fq44CIkj_nn20R1ueBTVpMTw3lJ5Qt_ExLqZ_Mystical Crane Typhoon: This dot was in contention with dodon ray for a cranes go to bleed move :) as it upon testing I found the following 403 lp per 2 seconds maxed out it does 743 lp per 2 second. please note that although this move does high dot damage and high base damage it does take longer to get the move off compared to dots like dodon ray. maxing this move depends on your play style. ill admit its great utility bleed used in both pvp and pve situations.

    b2cJnSD3c2cOfSrZBfZm_FTrS6N2WWohiMiUtIC795l8dcCytMXS6xYWDsIX0HSCVTpyP800w_1Wq86M0-gqlbVcLVUuGcEiQQKehDKxb306gKlX08SM7yJZbW4yMD60t01QJ-0LDodon Barriage: This dot is very unique and usefull its the cranes most powerful dot move testing showed 543 lp per 2 seconds with 1 sp and 843 lp per 2 seconds with full sp! it is still most powerful dot thou trust me, It also reduces targets physical defense by 1400 (when maxed) affects multiple targets in a straight line and can be fired while an opponent is sleeping (without waking the opponent up) this skill is essential for pvp it combos hypnosis very nicely. the negative about this move like most dots is the cast time roughly 2 seconds to fire but its worth it if you can get it off. I recommending maxing this skill especially if you are going for pvp build Rp ball same as mystical crane typhoon.

    GInAbcTQRC1U86CMpmqz8IwGatdxrmIT2elOkqpp2je04TirSnJ-fgQ_7yzYw9gs_ZiaoK4f_KrMeKd3GsqU4hI-vqZzi7N7Wi1OzAIc1VghzM13ewmV91sWpDLRhmuV2ntZ-8kzMaster fan out: a better version of fan out with 45m range more damage than fan out and the ability to knock down and opponent (the knock down happens at end of animation making this a slower knock down compared to most) depends on play style to add an sp or not I would not recommend maxing this skill. Rp ball I would only use knock down ball but in pvp situation knockdown ball not that good since the knock happens at end of animation. Note this skill slows enemys by 50%

    idEvQg5ZZVfAsoM2EvyvOXER3o4cNm7KlY-hVFHDWX3PstNjp_ZyEXYZcek1nK1hPdEF8w7Tag1S4v6r_cTDhQOOenkDPzq0RNcapyKO_J8MzXtOfStEFsDKTD-WBv1ykNl4C1-_Spiritual Sensation: A debuff damage skill does close to 500 bleed damage and reduces ep by 27% on 1 target up to 33% on multiple targets requires a bleed skill to be active on target before casting. I havent use this skill so I cant give an honest recommendation it could be useful against fighters or swords since they have low energy points. This move is useless in pve. RP BALL USE INCREASE DURATION OR COOLDOWN FOR ME IN PVP I USE INCREASE DURATION BUT ITS ABOUT YOUR PLAY STYLE

    FLyHiyz4ovxfuZWZgnmBXq2MmCvY1-VIXB9g-scIa_YuXdn5eMogPv99VERT_z7vw7yklTVnIjRX_b3QBR3mz5ykJblJ_0jD8nc3q7E1PTkpBEtHHLwE-VsMvymbL6ngB4V8dCJxSpiritual Tongs: a debuff damage skill requires abdominal effect present on target inorder to cast this move increase the skill cooldown time by 38 (when maxed on lots of targets)NOT USEFUL SINCE NO AOES FOR ABDOMINAL ATTACKS SO DONT MAX KEEP AT 4 AT MOST!I have used this in pvp against dendes loop stun and had very good success, also good against other players that are 1 trick ponies my recommendation is get it for pvp with 1 sp to use on dendes or particular players that dont have many combos in there reputwar. Practically useless in pve. RP BALL INCREASE DURATION ONLY

  • 6Ku-64u7IOJEM9Ekj00Liat6UQysmIk2Uq6yjPHaOekv9qzY0JNfkOt7EfoMJ5cINASeHYVyTIYeqvoJ_tGSknT5jJJAd-e4lxQglXUXRoYeuN6en7xdnb2v1s2DJPbQLhI5E46OSpirit Wave: a paralysis move that requires poison bleed to be active on a target before casting. This move is very tricky to use in pvp mainly because the requirement of poison being on target on top of long cool down and low duration makes this very ineffective as a stun compared to other classes RP BALL cd the dbog team buff it the higher the sp on the skill the better the cd rp ball up to 24 seconds reduction!

    1bz_Yc3h_R4oBuOBkoMKvvWij9WEUR-DfnUvSEfq4EBxrJ3mmRks_HfxkaK0OGTe2Unznx3stztjiJW9CoJx4KjnJrC66nwJ-DL6ZYotD0DPiWIIqj4Zy_8CrEVX165lsxumLi7dEnergy Heat Wave: A very useful confusion move that requires a burn dot affecting the target its a good combo move to help chain other combos or to crank off a sleep move since energy heat wave is faster to cast than sleep. When maxed it can affected multiple targets very useful in pvp useless in pve since most mobs are already on auto attack, my recommendation is get at least 1 sp on this maybe 3 to get an extra second to help chain combos max if you can. But this depends completely on your play style alot of people dont have this skill at all since it doesnt match up compared to other classes confusion skills. RP ball in pvp has to be cooldown especially since its been buff higher level = more cd since its easy to get this combo off with solid bleed.

    ZTUsN2cRIjXzBM5rIVeIEh0aaarKLkV4EKTdCIJ49FUPZD1DrLLIF8xw4H-5hoaCGSlXu9ZaQwjVH2MGtu7lHoYo-YXIQsvjL4QEK-pWxUYNthPh9mc-8NBU3GRO42gNiwdojh3cThousand Slashes:Cranes (former) ultimate attack Its no good now 1/2 of damage so roughly 35% splash . Remaining damage of all dots that are affecting the target gets converted into 1 single attack it practically one shots anything in pvp when used correctly. Recommendation don't waste your time with this skill is useless in pvp

    pZ3WruYDtny8DX0NFA0kI_RdQrLOS1nsi-n1HQF9PPx7ZO7AeVgSdsfGRlqc3lfoovJx6D1lxCEHunOLP35fzyPjHubMzYH9udciMyTjSuJHpLiKO8krGd2VTs-AD48S_dTPW5L7Focus: passive buff adds focus since focus gives success rate and cranes rely on success rate i would say to try get at least 1 sp on passive buff but it wont kill ya if you chose not to.

    kYPk361-JVBkLWpsqUSObGEzEr7Xqi-V-SLWPPEn4ZNF2H2Lspc2ip-c2PaWQRaT6yIghPb1Ue1vti0Sx93k3oUQ3k257Bqa3YWAOk6gIbgtYKNFPI7ZnDjCo2T3H0i4N-CSPC78Increased Agility: Passive buff adds dexerity 8 to 24 depends on sp being spent on it. I would recommend spending sp on focus over this but depends on play style. Cranes dont need crits as bad as other classes and cant dodge worth shit compared to a fighter. Unless you trying to resist stuns (dex gives like 0.1 per lvl) I would not waste sp on this for a pve build

  • Special thanks to following people who gave me advice about cranes and help to create this guide credit goes to them as well

    Sendoku, Kish, Maskman, Cosmo, echoson, siren aka tienshenhan, Leo Morningstar (epic forum guy) and b4.da.$$, flatearth

    hope it helps thanks everyone who reads this feel free to comment below

  • you always want +28 gloves foc or higher if you can get you don't need to upgrade your gloves since it only increase base dot damage and not dot lp damage per 2 second see my guild for more details

    fan increase hit rate is good honestly it doesn't matter too much.

    pvp gears no dragon ball wish gears will be listed as these gear is easier to get and is almost as good

    vs fighters, swords,
    ok you want foc top crafted 26-28 or 29%-30% anticrit armour at least +4upgrade
    you should try and get 26-28 foc pants at least +4 upgrade
    for boots 26-28 con at least +4 upgrade.

    *if you don't go full focus u will have a hard time hitting a fighter when dex is fixed!*

    for accessories you want
    mudosa lvl 70 necklace success rate at least 60 or more with other effects good to have so your stuns and debuffs can hit your targets

    2 mudosa earrings reduce paralysis duration 20% or higher, (note this isn't fixed paralyze rings don't work like Taiwan) for now just get cool down earrings and or focus ear rings

    popo gift box ring 15 con or higher (optional)

    ring you can get con ccbd or resist paralyze by 20% or higher up to you. (notes this isn't fixed paralyze rings don't work like Taiwan they don't stop martial artist stuns) for now just get cd rings.

    vs sks, dendes,pokos turtles,

    you should get tmq 7 gear (mira army top from tmq7 its better than ccbd!), or easiest to get ccbd spiritualist gear with brown boxes to change the effects.

    effects you want is con top it will be at least 20-22 con, with tmq 7 you can get up to 25 con at least +6-10 upgrade

    for pants you want foc gear 20-22. with tmq 7 you can get up to 25 foc at least +6-10 upgrade

    for boots con gear is a must! 20-22 con at least with tmq7 you can get up to 25 con at least +6-10 upgrade


    mudosa success rate necklace at least 60 or more sucess (optional) or paralyze reduce duration with bleed reduce duration 15%to 20% or higher for both effects (paralyze for dendes)

    earrings reduce bleed and paralyze duration 20% or higher for each these two effects on one earing

    rings popo ring con 15

    2nd ring bleed reduction 20% for sks paralye redusction for dendes pokos turtles
    vs grand chef majins, ultimate majins

    ok you want con top crafted 26-28 at least +4-6 upgrade
    you should try and get 26-28 foc pants at least +4-6 upgrade
    for boots 26-28 con at least +4 upgrade.

    all gear reduce candy and reduce confusion. 20% or higher

    con popo ring has to be one of your rings

    for plasma's

    you should get tmq 7 gear (mira army top from tmq7 its better than ccbd!), or easiest to get ccbd spiritualist gear with brown boxes to change the effects.
    effects you want is con top it will be at least 20-22 con, with tmq 7 you can get up to 25 con at least +6-10 upgrade
    for pants you want foc gear 20-22. with tmq 7 you can get up to 25 foc at least +6-10 upgrade
    for boots con gear is a must! 20-22 con at least with tmq7 you can get up to 25 con at least +6-10 upgrade

    either full status resistance
    or all gear reduce confusion. 20% or higher
    con popo ring has to be one of your rings

    for karmas forget it they so broken cranes don't have a prayer against them. recommend daneos reduce hesitation duration from 23 seconds to 5-8 seconds then cranes have a chance

    for PVE go full con top reduce cd for all accessories except popo con ring!

  • Top 5 cranes That I have encountered in dbog. Of your not on this list it doesn't mean that you are bad or anything like that I'm just acknowledging some op cranes I have came acrossed. #1 meaning best #2 meaning second best and so on

    heres the list with explanation of why I ranked them as such

    5.JTyeah a passionate crane player he has beaten me a few times in rank played open beta so kudos for making the list

    4.Celestrial still plays but not this class Syren come back to crane! PREopen beta only

    this guy was pretty decent on rank matches beaten me a few times. amazingly with no gear, unbeatable with gear. I learned a lot of neat combos thanks to ranking this guy. he has beaten +15 sks, fighters, swords,karams . Only reason he isn't ranked higher is because he hasn't entered budokai. He hasnt played crane in preopen beta so he has dropped in ranking

    3.Kibit Guild Xoreza this guy is pretty decent as a crane with full +15 gear to boot watch out he can take down the best of players with his combos

    2). Scroodhd an excellent crane player he has beaten me so many times in pvp i lost count, always has a trick up his sleeve to counter ya.

    1.FlatEarth (Zeb89 guild) Hardly Plays this guy is extremely good tactician as a crane. I refer to him as the guy who can beat you 100 ways cause he rarely beats me the same way twice making him very unpredictable. I had a hard time chosing between him and the number 1 pick. but when It came down to it. Flat Earth only lacks 1 thing that sendoku has and that is good gear. His execution in rank matches are flawless for a crane. its hard to pick whos the better tactician between him and the guy I chose as number 1. He has actually beaten the guy who I picked as number 1 more times than he has lost but he hasn't beaten a +15 karama something the #1 guy has done. This guy is an excellent source of information and is extremely approachable, probably the nicest crane to play the game as well.

    HALL of Fame (reserved for players who have excelled with crane in past and no longer is associated with dbog)

    .Sendoku (Suncrushers guild)(former no longer plays ) man this was a hard one but in the end sendoku came out on top. His achievements in the game is very well documented, see his slew of youtube videos. he is the most well know crane in the game across multiple languages. This French Fry has beaten more (+15) paper noobs then a freakin paper shredder. he has beaten all classes in game +15 I'm not sure if theres anyother documented crane players that has done this. Hes the guy I recommend taking to if you need advice.

    Also to note as of november 2018 sendoku is the only crane to win budokai and the only crane to get past prelims of budokai.

  • recommended builds will be changed on feb 1 2017 since thousands slashes not working as well as new dot calculations

    PVE 1) level builder, mob gather, dungeon raider,

    explanation: you get maxmize aoe for your bleeds, debuffs and unique secondary stuns, . fiery shout is also maxed and can be utilized as a gatherer . My recommendation is to use this build just to level your charactor up to 70 then use a reset to enjoy the pvp aspect.

    PVE2) hybrid energy and dot

    explanation you have a mixture of dots and master fan out with a max tribeam to be the hammer for your combos. I have used this build in past found myself using only using tribeam as a knockdown instead of a finsher .


    this is pvp2 retooled to allow players to enjoy pvp and some pve experience. utilizing posion bleed and spirit wave on mobs to paralyze targets and still be able to pound your oponents with kds and debuffs this build i believe is well rounded for both styles. I have tested this in current dbog and it works quite splendidly.

    PVE/PVP2) Knock down King!

    This is pvp 2 retooled this gives a full array of knock downs, utilizing fiery shout to gather mobs or firing a long range burn in pvp a decent upgradeaded energy heat wave to confuse you opponents in rank, while having spirit wave at +2 to assist you in both pvp and pve situations. It still has a full array of debuffs just no dodon ray barrage due to anti bleed and long cast time. This is my current build.

    PVP 1) Pure dot click here . Basicially this build gives you a large array of dots and complementary moves like energy heat wave and spirit wave. 2 knock moves added tri beam and master fan out to help hammer out those combos. this build is not my current build but served me very well in the past.

    PVP 2) Debuff Crane. this is a pvp speciality of cranes they are the best debuffers in game utilizing graceful backstab to lower an oponents lp down to a 3rd of there helath, as well as reducing there def by 500 points helps cranes to increase damage output on oponents and win pvp matches. this build is recommended over the pure dot build as it better suits cranes for 1v1 pvp. it wont save you against A KARMA THEY BROKEN AS HELL

    the following are only a few simple combos i recommend for a crane to use in battle i will not be giving them all as it makes this class too easy to operate.

    1) hypnosis , then crane discharge, then put out the flames: this combo is very useful for yourself as it gives you more lp and ep in a rank match if you can get this off it will increase your survival ability you will also have. This combo is famously made by flatearth a powerful pvp crane . COmbo no longer needed thats why strikethrough.

    2)speed restrain, then fan out, this combo is cranes go to combo to immobilize melee targets like stick or sword please note that dash dash quick attack can beat this combo you will have to find a way to get this combo off im not going to tell you hehe.

    3) hypnosis, then charge 2 rp balls, then tri beam (knock down rp), then dodon ray, then master fan out (knock down), this combo is a decent string combo that allows dodon ray to accumulate 3 seconds of damage on a target, i use this combo alot on turtles and namek claws its pretty decent and could win you the round if timed correctly if timed wrong this combo will get you killed practice makes perfect

    4)fiery shout, energy heat wave, this combo is a great combo to get your stun off at a safe distance compared to solid bleed energy heat wave combo. note thou the cast time of 2 seconds may hurt you so use this combo wisely

    5)hynposis, then double gut buster, then dodonray barrage, this combo gets you damaging skills that work with sleep being active on a target. It allows damage while sleep is active

    6) Put out Flames, Master Fan out (kd rp ball) this gives cranes almost instant access to a 45m knock down an excellent combo for new comers and veterans alike. *new

  • lol u disliked ur own post only post i liked was the Thousand slashes so gave u the like there, the rest of the skills were pretty obvious u can just read it from the skill calculator

    lol my bro did that i left my computer on didnt realize he disliked my stuff with my profile

  • Nice work. I mean seriously. The whole thing is presented beautifully and clearly (the information isn't half bad either ;) )

    You have this pretty much spot on for current pre-beta and retail play but i disagree on a few things (but these things are due to personal play-style so you've done an excellent job :thumbsup: )

    I would say it's worth mentioning that Graceful Backstab is really only worth using on higher LP classes such as Majin and DarkWarriors since the DoT will be more than enough to clear out Human and weaker Namekians. But it's pretty much a must have for PvP builds :)

    I would like to see some RP ability suggestions. One thing in particular that another user has sent me is the CAST REDUCTION on Tri-Beam Cannon is a beauty, the Knockdown in our opinion takes just a bit too long when you have other options for it.

    Are you able to suggest Weapon stats or Gear stats also? I'd be happy to discuss further with you in a PM if you want :) This is a very good guide!

  • the cast reduction is great for pve grind especially with mobs charging ya a combo i used for grinding is fiery shout to gather the mobs then I use tribeam with cast reduction it works very well to get exp quickly. I would not recommend cast reduction in rank matches thou tri beam with the reduction is still 1.5 seconds you dont have rp balls when rank starts to build them takes time. I use sleep to build rp. a knock down is better utilized in pvp rank matches so you can continue your attack, but hey thats my play style I will add recommend rp skills for each thanks for suggestion

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