Launcher Issue: An instance of the application is already running... PLEASE HELP

  • Since the new launcher update everything's been going wrong. I got the new launcher off the link Daneos put of one of his posts and the new launcher said something about me not having 'Bug Trap.DLL' so it would not work. So I uninstalled everything to do with Dragonball online Global. I then reinstalled DBOG from the official website (Google download) and when it finished downloading, I opened DBOGLauncher.exe and it always says "An instance of the application is already running". I kept deleting and re-installing and it said the same thing every time. I tried a mega download as opposed to a Google download but the same thing happens. I downloaded the new launcher and the same thing happens. I don't know what to do and I feel like I wont be able to play the game again! :(

  • Ive been having the same problem you mind clueing me in on the answer you found?

    Quote from Cr33

    It's ok now after two days I figured it out myself! I feel like a genius lmao. Thanks for the help tho. I'll leave this post up just in case others are having similar issues!

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