My Dende Build for OB


    I think this is my definitive PvE full healer build. Whaddia think? I realize Increase Energy is stronger than Kami's Light, but I think Super Saiyans and Pure Majins might appreciate it.

    Also, no....I can't live without Instant Transmission. ;( Hopefully Kami's Forgiveness makes it all worth it somewhat, though. I was tempted at some point to get the lvl1 Giant Namek attacks for some fun in solo grinding, but then I remembered I'd get the dragonbuffs & HTB2 far before I'd ever get Giant Namek....

  • Everything about the build looks pretty nice, though I suggest that:
    1- You take out the increase energy buff. You will seriously never EVER need it (I've been playing Dendes long enough)
    2- Notice: Since you said that you are going FULL HEALER mode, I won't care so much for the attacks other then Antenna beam, so good job on that!
    3- Important note: Now, having a full Kami's Mercy instead of SuperHealing wave is very unnecessary and will put you in loads of trouble. I literally kept 3 SP around lvl 65 to see that in full mode which one would be more important. --- In the essence of healing, you wouldn't be able to use Kami's Mercy very usefully, and even if you do, you wouldn't get anything DECENT out of it. I suggest that the 3 points in it goes to the Full super healing wave for multiple reasons. First of them being is that you'll use your Super Healing wave mostly either on DEADLY situations or to heal up your tank ATM. I've been to many situation where a UD6 mobs would get critical blows on your allies leaving them with little to no HP and you would fail activating your Kami's Mercy in time, and even if you do it, you are most likely not going to get both targets because not many people Collaborate together and stay as a powerful unit (But that is the jest of it), you would much rather have a very good CD based build that you'd be able to actually spam heal everyone with Divine Healing (I have about 62 CD) every 4 seconds.

    Those are just opinion based since I've been playing Dende. I haven't been able to get on to UD6 after the DEF fix, but people told me it's kind of the same...except it takes longer to do now (nothing changes for Dendes though :) )

    Enjoy you day, B4.DA.$$

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