Dbo most unbalanced mmorpg ?

  • The game really isn't unbalanced. If one person goes out of their way and farms for hours trying to get the gear that is going to help them wreck you then so be it! ^^ If you were to farm for that too and get it then there we be no "imbalance".

  • Wait I heard someone say that Namekians are Tanks?What the hell are you thinking Majins are the tanks here mate Namekians cant last that long but we have to give them some sort of buff I think that these stats are what the characters should have.


    Attack: low




    Attack: high




    Attack Low



  • Bold strike is the only thing SK has good for exp and pvp, you can't shut it down or you better don't ever make an SK. DoT is a must on him that's all. Didn't you ever see Crane Heremit dmg in game? Well that's unbalanced. I'd keep the game as it was everything was fine. If you guys can't build to avoid those 1shot it's not the game problem but simply yours, get over it, there is much things in game to counter another such as attack speed, crits, DoT.

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