Founder Pack Questions & Answers

  • No se si entendi bien pero, te dejan estar en todas las pruebas osea alpha y beta, y aparte cuando se abre el juego te dan los objetos?*
    o me equivoco?

  • i charged my cash but it will not accept clicking yes to buy the saiyan founder pack. why ?

    when we can keep our char ? after the open alpha or closed beta ?
    it would be interesting to know when this pack is available

    Thanks for answer and sry for my bad english.


    Cash wurde aufgeladen allerdings verweigert er mir den Ja click beim Saiyan founder pack.
    Ab wann dürfen wir den erspielten char behalten nach der open alpha ? ab closed beta oder später?
    ab wann steht dieses pack zur Verfügung ?

  • We are currently working on the auto. system for the founder pack. In the next hours its going to be finished.

  • Ah, I'm late for the thread.
    But, just read it.

    Could you explain Shoutbox part? You have to pay to get access to it ????
    Weird....I remember it being free for all. I thought we only got rid of it for post count. Guess post counts is good enough now. Lol.

    At least "Access to all Test Phases" sounds good :).
    I don't know about "ingame items and titles though" They'll restart our characters until Open Beta lol.

    But yeah, I wonder what Title they will give you that you can't without paying. I'm very interested in knowing!

    Cheer fellas.
    I'm on board with everything.
    Though, I've never seen a shoutbox being non-free. :(

  • Actually i think the thing with shoutbox is good! Shoutbox is not needed at all! 90% of messages in shoutbox are bullshit.. So if they do it that way there is a big chance there will be much less " i need acc..", " i need to play", "i wanna play", "xy is gay", "xy is scammer" and crap like that posts..

    Me fail english? That's unpossible!

  • It look's like ppl will buy this "Founder Pack" for "Access to all Test Phases" so there will be no 500 random accounts only "pay to win"...

  • It look's like ppl will buy this "Founder Pack" for "Access to all Test Phases" so there will be no 500 random accounts only "pay to win"...


    Imagine this: If there were no founder packs and you were still able to donate to help the project, if you donated some money and then didn't get selected from the random amount of people who will have access, wouldn't you feel left out? There will still be 500 accounts with access, and the people who do decide to donate, they are extra users, separated from the 500, who will be able to participate and want to garantee being able to get access (along with all the other perks that are offered).

    It is entirely the player's choice to donate and nobody is forced to do it to be able to play; there is no p2w. The founder pack system is simply a reward system to show players that they are equally grateful to them for helping the project, just as they are grateful that the team is doing so much to bring the game to them (which is why they choose to donate).

    Hope that cleared it up for you and hope to see you in-game soon! ^^

  • Yes you did and thank you for that! I'm glad to see you remember about ppl who can't or just dont want to donote and still have a chance to help in any tests. You have a big + from me :) Keep my finger cross for next alpha ;) Good luck to all ;)

  • Can there be more methods of payment like OpenBucks because I rather not make an account and use a credit card on Pipiload :/

    :censored: "Dylan" nothing more, nothing less. :censored:

  • has anyone used pipload?? i bought a card on the site and i go to view pipload cards and it says i have a 0$ card.. the payment went through. It says collected but i haev no card. can someone help

  • i kn

    S.Saiyan-Founder Title
    S.Saiyan Founder Dogi
    S.Saiyan Founder Mount

    What would that be? which title? what Dogi? and what is car?
    the same about Goku pack.

    i know what the titles are but how do i access them for me. like how do i use the forum title and the shoutbox right now is what i meant. sry for the misunderstanding