Ugh, more bad Japanese P.C. ports >.<;

  • This pisses me off

    ^These Japanese devs really need to get their shit together. This will probably turn off most PC gamers to NieR: Automata, which is a TRAVESTY considering how mind-shatteringly amazing this game truly is.

    I played it on Ps4 Pro, and I'm currently on my second playthrough. It is hands down the BEST game I have played on current gen consoles (aside from the Wii U's Xenoblade Chronicles X which is a life changing experience of a game). NieR:Automata offers nearly everything I want in a videogame; large INTERESTING open world with HUGE rewards for actually exploring it, large emphasis on replayability with many alternate endings and secrets to boot, massive level of gear based customization and progression (you can even increase your movement speed <33 ), and IMMACULATELY composed music (some of the best I have ever heard in my life). Oh, and the difficulty is legendary if you want it to be. Just try playing on "Hard" or "Very Hard" mode xD

    This game shits on Horizon Zero Dawn <-- which is a masterpiece in and of itself. Shame that lazy ports like this will muddy many gamers' initial impressions -.-

  • You talk about this game with such admiration that I wanted to play it myself. Luckily I have a PS4 Pro that is perfect for this. I have been interested in video games since I was 14 years old and understand them. If the game is how you describe it, I'm sure I'll like it. I hope I won't need to register anywhere because I don't want to download a virus accidentally and then make a data recovery. The fact is that this has already happened to me once, and it was unpleasant.

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