For those who wanted to know

  • For those of you who expressed disbelief at the reason I was banned when we were talking in Trade chat yesterday, here you go. My initial post was deleted, it said "Mods are not to be trusted >.<;" or something along those lines


    ^And then I was suddenly banned, so I assumed it was him who banned me

  • Well, I mean...

    You kinda threatened a moderator, so...

    ^Other people did not believe why I was banned in trade chat yesterday. This thread is merely to present evidence.
    Even Arubaru was telling me that Ayame was NOT the one who banned me.

    Also, in response to your comment, he threatened me first. If someone is going to abuse their administrative power to unjustly attack me, then there is no way in hell I would have any kind of respect for that person.

  • Best to just ignore fluff at this point TBH, Every time he gets into trouble he posts a thread showing only things that make him look like he's innocent. Such as he managed to screenshot other responses but not his own comment. It was widely discussed in game among a load of players so we all know he was breaking rules.

    Report the comment for the attention on moderators and let them handle this :) All threads like this do is start arguments :(

    Well, I mean...

    You kinda threatened a moderator, so...

  • Well when you do something that is against the rules, get off with a warning and then threatening a moderator.. you kinda brought that upon yourself there. Plus would you really want the last running thing of DBO to go down in flames even with the team trying their hardest to bring back the fun of the original?

  • Ok, as I told you yesterday on trade chat in-game, I'll explain how I know I was the one that triggered the temporal ban(and you should know it too, as you have received a warning message on your forum inbox on this):


    You posted this on Monday, I got a report because of your out-of-the-blue offensive language and took care of said report by deleting your thread and giving you a warning Under the label of "Bad Behavior" ( @LeoSama is quite familiar with them, right?).

    Here a printscreen of the message you should have on your inbox:


    This warning gets you some negative points that lead to temporal banning (and sometimes permaban). So that is how I know I was the one that banned you.

    EDIT: It was the fact that you got 2 consecutive warnings that got you tempbanned, but still. Ayame's warning was also justified.

    You also broke these 2 code of conduct rules: Code of Conduct - Forum

    "Be respectful. Be pleasant to forum members, staff members, and moderators."

    "Do not debate Customer Support decisions or actions. Threads or posts designed to announce, appeal, or contest your own or another player’s suspension or account termination—be it forum or game account—will be removed without notice."

    This thread will be closed right after I post this message, so if you have anything to say my inbox awaits as always.


    Aru :dpeace:

    On another note and totally off-topic: Please Leo update your signature, now I'm a green dog ffs. Step up your damn game.

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