Poko Build and Main Focus

  • Hi, srry for making another thread but idk what class to play, so i was thinking if you guys can help me and tell me a good poko build.
    Should i focus on his aoe skills or go attack speed? Thank you.

    Hi man some peopole say that @Daneos will give us the same dbo as original DBO some peopole have said that he won't give exactly the same one if he give us the same dbo you should go for full speed poko i don't think that doing poko as a first char is a good idea cuz there is 2 main ways to get monney Craft ( wich a bit usless with legendary stuff ) and farm stones any ways the bouth of ways need to grind and poko isn't made for bash and grind what suggest you is doing a DW wich a farm machine or a Turtul or Karma then go for Poko to do bids !!! POKO IS OP !! ( he is op if speed works at it should )

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