Cheapest Cash Dogi & How to get more Zeni

  • you can get the goku dogi for 3500 token you must only stay round about 88 hours 24/7 online to collect the token

    and you only got more zeni with farming high lvl upgrade stones and sell or loot all droppt gear and sell it over and over again

  • I will tell you a story

    Yesterday i decided to visit POB and see whats going on and i was shocked not only full of mongrel dogs but minimum price for a dogi is 200kk and i had only like 18 million zeni, if you wanna farm like a peasant good luck with making 650k zeni to 200mil zeni and lol oh myself you're level 30 no chance in hell but i will tell you something:

    5usd = 100CP and with that you can buy any dogi i believe because maximum price is 100 just buy 3 white stones (30CP/u) and sell 95Mil or 100Mil each one and buy your dogi from someone through trade chat or AH if its cheap in the same time you will have a dogi and some zeni to start selling and buying.

    Whoever tells you farm just shove your middle finger straight his a$$ and tell him/her shut shut you mouth bum.
    MEANWHILE Cp can you make rich within 1 hour you can earn billions when farming like a bum makes you earn 50Mil max

  • Wow ty very much ! i appreciate that

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