In-Game Chat Commands

  • Hello,

    here is a table of chat commands which can be used by normal players.

    Command Rules Description
    @addmasteritem CLASS-ID - Must not be master class.
    - The item can only be created if not already exist
    If you finished the master class at korin and the weapon does not exist anymore
    in your inventory, then you should use this command.
    - Martial Artist:
    Fighter CLASS-ID = 7
    Swordsman CLASS-ID = 8
    - Spiritualist:
    Crane Hermit CLASS-ID = 9
    Turtle Hermit CLASS-ID = 10
    - Warrior:
    Dark Warrior CLASS-ID = 13
    Shadow Knight CLASS-ID = 14
    - Dragon Clan:
    Dende Priest CLASS-ID = 15
    Poco Priest CLASS-ID = 16
    - Mighty Majin:
    Ultimate Majin CLASS-ID = 17
    Grand Chef Majin CLASS-ID = 18
    - Wonder Majin:
    Plasma Majin CLASS-ID = 19
    Karma Majin CLASS-ID = 20

    Example: You want to receive the Karma Majin quest starter weapon, then
    you have to write in the chat @masteritem 20
    Note that the item can not be deleted
    @adddefaultbank - Can't be used when the default bank bag already
    If your character crashes when opening the bank or if you do not have the first
    bank bag, then you should use this command.
    Note that you should relog after used successfuly
    @addskill2 If your character does not have the master class passive skill, then you should use this command.
    @unstack - Must not be in fainting state
    - Cant be used while having a free battle
    - Cant be used in pvp zone or while combat mode.
    - Can't be used in dungeons
    - Ask Popo!! skill must not be in cool down.
    If your character is stucked and you cant move/jump out, then use this command and you will
    be teleported to your bind location
    @addhtb - Lv 30 or higher
    - Master Class
    If your character does not have the first HTB skill, then you should use this command.
    @exp on/off Use @exp on to disable receiving any EXP. To enable receiving exp again, relog or use the chat command @exp off
  • @exp on / off, it is not working if you disable it, the others that are in the en will win the same thing as if you had not disabled it. example: 1 person 500 of xp, two people 250 of xp right, even if you activate not to win xp the other continues to earn the same 250 and not the total 500 of xp. result invalid command.

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