Powerleveling guide.

  • Hey.

    Leveling in this game has always been an "interesting" part of the game.
    I for one have always hated leveling up, because the part between 47 and 55 is just a pure terror for me, and the majority of the players.
    I started playing on the pre-open beta server about a year ago now, and I've made a few lv70 characters with the support of my friends, and we've managed to find some very good spots to boost your EXP.

    I personally like to count exactly how much EXP I get per mob, and compare it to the quest's exp reward that I would get, and if I can get the double amount of exp from normal grinding, then I will just grind (+ do the quests for the mobs im hunting for.).

    Now, powerleveling is a different way of leveling, and it has some requirements that you must have, if you want to do it effectively.

    1.) You need to have a level 70 character that is able to do huge damage, and taske some damage aswell from the mobs.
    2.) You need to have patience, powerleveling is faster than questing, but it is nowhere near perfect.
    3.) Experience boosters are a key to do it faster obviously.

    I have a level 70 turtle hermit, a level 70 karma majin, so I use those as examples, I don't know about plasma or DW whatsoever.

    Sorry for possible grammar errors, English is my 3rd language.

    Please also do note that I am nowhere "professional" on leveling, or anything, I just shared my ways of leveling.
    Sorry if I missed some important information.

    Good luck.

    oh and fak tmq4

  • I mean, UD2 is muuuch easier for 38-45 since every run is like half a level with the EXP boost.
    For 52-54 I found this awesome place that you can abuse (no ALTS needed) in the Red Map! I think the place is called "Yoseri Lake"or something (Sorry, not on PC to get the picture but I will edit it when I have the Pic)
    That place is MOB-RICH, everything gives amazing amounts of EXP, since killing 1group would result in around 7500 EXP per group (Takes less than a minute per group)
    If you have a Character that can hunt hard (say: Turtle, Crane, DW, SK (not really since you wont have 100% potential in skills), Karma (pure Form Genocide), Plasma, Grand Chef also has AoEs which I tried, but they need more rest than other classes!)
    The place is a gold mine if you have a decent class, but otherwise, as you said, TMQ is better.

    UD3 Hard can be taken to lvl 60, but to be honest, it gets WAAAAAAAAAY too boring. I rather do Dark Namek Quests or Hunt my way in Papaya (the Crocodile Place) around lvl 58 to get stuff done easy.

    I like it @Roli , now pay me for my tokens :evil: Just Kidding :P

  • "Let's say you're a lv70 turtle hermit, fighter, swordsman, anything. And your alt is a lv38~45 character [we're talking about ud2 easy now]. You use your lv70 to damage the boss down to about 10000 LP, then stun him, then dash back to the far end to lose target, so your lv38-45 can kill the boss, and he'll get the 100% exp, which is 30k exp in easy mode, 60k in hard. This is a veeeery effective way of geveling up quick."

    This works amazingly when you're a Crane. You can Hit some DoTs, then Speed Restrain and run away. You don't even have to do anything with the Alt to get the max EXP, which is pure amazing (just 1 auto attack)

    You can also do what is usually done, and that is:
    Once you reach the LAST spot of any UD (or TMQ if that's what you really want).
    Do what you have to do to lower the LP of the mob/mobs and then log yourself out.
    Doing that against mobs like the UD1 or UD2 boss grants huge amounts of extra EXP, and it almost always works (sometimes you might mess up in running away of the boss dies too quick)

  • so ure saying that i can be in same time with 2 characters in game from same acc?

    correct me if I'm wrong, but this is how i figured it out. (but I think there must be 2 acc)

    No, you cannot login with 2 characters from the same account.

    You can only login on 1 character from 1 account at the same time. This is called multiboxing/dual client and is not against the rules, as long as it isn't used to exploit a bug.

    This is very handy, you can have your main character on your main account and have a buffer on an alt account to make it easier for yourself.

  • Absolutely gooooooooooooooood, this is almost what i've been doing since i started, but there are other alternatives that i like a lot, and spots I didn't know, just awesome and helpful. This is a MUST-read guide for everyone, newbies and skilled players.

  • 38 to 44 is RP2, where not only you can powerlevel yourself, you also can get good gear for your level, also lots of exp, and lots of KD and stun, what a joy. RP2 quests alone give you a full level, so if we count the amount of EXP you can get whilst questing, or farming the frogs, you should be fine up to 44.

    38-45 can be all done in UD2. You can get around 1 level up per 20 or even less minutes.

    RP2 as a place is a genuine bad experience. The place in my opinion is only useful if you have someone who can blast everything away with 1 hit, even then, if that's the case (if they are powerful enough) then they can solo UD2 and take you there for much quicker leveling.

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