Open-Beta's reset... are you kidding?

  • Are you kidding?
    We play for hours and hours to level up, we help friends to get what they need, we keep farming for days to get a good stone, we see our friends everyday making effort. Everyday someone creates an account, we have +350.000 characters and +450.000 accounts. To get lvl 1-30 for the first time, I needed 4-10 days, I dont even remember! Then, I spent 6 mounths playing for 5-11 hours everyday, some people spend money... too much money.
    Just "puff"
    Everything will be reseted. F*** time, f*** money, f*** life.
    Don't reset, please...

  • Ouh that's nice :D
    We can just have the bugged +15 People stay +15.
    We can have the abusers with multiple 4kkk zeni Accounts stay :D
    Ouh yeh, let's keep all the mess that people made of the server as it is, cuz that'll be worth the people who put time into the game right?
    Let's leave the project unprotected and unfinished, cuz buggers will have their ways here.
    We can keep the scammers with all their shit alive, since we dont have a proof of their scams :D

    It's all about the effort you put in, right?

    ... That was sarcasm.
    First day this "pre-open beta" server opened, it was stated that we are here to test and that we will have the reset.
    Pro players actually rather get the reset than have the server stay this way.

    If you've been playing for 6 months for 5-11 hours, you would have totally known about the reset.
    Don't come and beg for it not to happen now...

  • It is even stated in the DBO launcher. Either you have never read it or neglected the launcher while doing something else.

    Either way, the reset has been discussed before and already been decided. If you don't like it then it's your own oppinion. The only question you can ask is to yourself now, do you wish to continue or wait till the open beta starts? The open beta will have no wipes, all of your cash points get returned and everyone can have a fresh start (without all the bugs).

    All Progress from Pre-Open Beta Test shall be deleted and everyone will start anew on Open beta which will have no wipes.

    from Pre-Open Beta Announcement

  • Hello,

    If you don't feel like it's worth to you to play and test in order to contribute to the development, I kindly suggest you to wait until full release to continue doing so. You can keep up with updates checking the forums once in a while.

    I'll close this thread as the wipe topic has been discussed and displayed enough. Thank you for your understanding.


    Aru :dpeace: