Dokkan Battle discussion (formerly known as a discord petition)

  • So this is pretty much exactly what the subject is for this thread: We should add a text channel on the discord server for those who play Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.
    There's quite a few of us that play the mobile game anyways, so why not put in a channel for that?
    So uh.. reply saying I or something i guess to
    Disregarding any of the text above talking about a discord text channel position, I wanted to ask you guys what you thought about some of the things we could do with Dokkan Battle in our DBOG community.
    Let's get this conversation going ヽ(”`▽´)ノ

    Discord: Sanic#1802

    Edited once, last by Sanic: I was half-heartedly serious about the petition and reading some opinions made me change my mind a bit. Just making some slight changes ().

  • I could see potential for this but we usually just post about it and talk in the regular English chat anyway. As long as you don't spam with constant pictures and tags you're breaking no rules if you keep the conversation civil

    I agree with what Cosmo said, no need to create a new chat for Dokkan, it is something that can be discussed in English chat. Would maybe make more sense to make a specific Build/Gear/Matchups chat about DBO if anything. The use of this discord server is to encourage mostly exchange about the game. Anything else can be discussed in our general (and other language chats for other language speakers) chat.

    I'd rather just have a pinned thread in the forum for that.
    I don't really like discord, I find it very bothersome. We already have a forum and it's dying since everyone goes to that thing.

    Discord is an useful tool, instant messaging is really needed imho. Previous chat in forums had a very bad design and wasn't up to any IM current standards, that was bothersome. I don't think Forum is dying, it just has different activity flows depending on updates and such. If anything it's dying because so many players refuse to join the conversation or read the information available in here.

  • I didn't even think this thread would get much attention, but it's nice to read some opinions on what you guys thought about it. Maybe there could be some sort of off-topic section in the forums I guess for Dokkan? Just doing a bit of brainstorming here for possibilities.

  • Providing you speak the languages in question. It's asked that you do not spam other language chats with foreign languages to them.

    Example. No French in the English or Chinese, and no English in the french or Chinese, and no Chinese in the french or English.
    This is so that we don't confuse people who only speak the one .

    I agree, English chat or the Chinese chat can be used for that

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