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  • Hello.

    I did a post asking for the current item upgrade rates and the people answer me somethings like the current upgrade rates system is "good".

    Someone answer me this :

    Upgrade Rates:

    Grade 0->6: 100%
    Grade 6->7: 30%
    Grade 7->8: 25%
    Grade 8->9: 20%
    Grade 9->10: 15%
    Grade 10->11: 10%
    Grade 11->13: 5%
    Grade 13->14: 4%
    Grade 14->15: 2.5%

    Grade 0->4: 100%
    Grade 4->6: 60%
    Grade 6->8: 40%
    Grade 8->9: 30%
    Grade 9->10: 20%
    Grade 10->11: 10%
    Grade 11->13: 5%
    Grade 13->14: 4%
    Grade 14->15: 3%

    And then i asked what happens if you use a white stone.

    The answer was that Daneos changed the system and now if you use a white stone the item cant get distroyed but if it "fails" nothing happens but if the item "brokes" it will be decreased by -2 upgrade levels.

    So, i made this post to ask for a change in this current system because it is impossible to upgrade an item more than +11 or +12 if your not a "bugger" or a "hacker".

    You need to be super lucky to can upgrade an item level 70 to +15.

    Maybe you can return the previous system of white stones to make that if the item "breaks" this not decreases in upgrade levels.

    Note: this is a video that i made where you can see that the actual system is too hard to upgrade an item.

    Thanks for your attention and sorry about my english.

  • Greetings Boshco

    Did you know:

    • 15% off the threads on the forums are created to discuss about the current upgrade system for weapon and armour?
    • 95% of the threads are rants about the flaws and letdowns about the current upgrading system for armour and weapons?
    • that in Open Beta the white stone becomes droppable to everyone by either a drop from a mob or perhaps from a daily task system?
    • creating a thread about the current upgrade system and asking for basicly a free +15 without any risk is unnecesary?

    I know what you mean, the amount of money, patientce and beating you have to take to actually get a +15 gear piece without a white stone is phenomenal. Yet this is Pre-Open Beta, the gameplay and current content will be subject to change and is not fully completed yet. Not only that but all the progress and data (except the amount of cash shop points bought will be refunded), will be wiped out.

    The fact that any type of equipment was destroyed on retail DBO if you would get a "broken" update was very discouraging to even try to go over +5 (weapon) or +3 (armour) was very discouraging. Daneos even made it a lot better with only losing the upgrades on the items.

    In short, getting max upgrades on a weapon on every MMO is a grind, if you can't accept that or want a maxed out gear in an instant I would suggest you play a private server game where everything is given to you at the start (mostly those private servers close down fast due to players feeling no need to play, since they already have everything and nothing to achieve).

    Thank you for understanding,


  • nobody upgrade like this 1 step by step alway skip with purple and green stones

    your weapon upgrade zu +6 and then use +3 purple stones +9 +12 +15 done

    same as for armor +4 then +3 green stones +7 +10 +13 +15 done

  • +15 isn't supposed to bee easy !! deal with it u don't need to bee full +15 those who have +15 are old players that started in august 2016 when evrey thing was cheap or bugged to had it !! ad to this buggers and of corse peopole that cashed over 1000 usd ( they deserve to have +15 dude for their donation ^^) the +15 problem will bee solved with OB ( i hope ) cuz the white stones effect changed ^^ !!

  • +13 is as far I ever went in DBOG since I dont really cash (I get cash items for zeni from friends (2 Whites for a 28 Con Top or stuff like that))

    But that +13 was on a level 30 :/ Something which I later sold (didn't use white stones... cuz that'd be extremely stupid when you want to upgrade high level armor to over +10)

    Its quite horrid to TRULY upgrade your way (LEGITIMATELY) to +15. It's almost impossible. I made a post way longer when this update was just coming out. (The Whitestones -2 if broken update)
    The post basically stated that with the %Rate + Whitestones -2 would make getting +15 legitimately almost impossible. I even went as far as assuming it almost never breaks (only a 10% chance of breaking...which is usually not the case)

    The rate nor the whitestones property of -2 wont be taken off or changed. Droprate in UDs is OP AF compared to what it was (which was what triggered the update)

    Others bug... otherwise you wont see much LEGIT +15 unless from that of cashers back before the whitestone update.

  • if he remouve white stones from CP in OB he have at 100 % to increase the upgrade chance sytem or like 80 % of players that know the game would rage quit !! why ? cuz it would bee just rediculous to play a game that u can't go forward on it !!

  • im not asking for free +15 upgrade items
    i know that if you want a +15 item you need to strive because thats not gonna be easy but in this point of the game
    is too difficult maybe imposible to get +15.

    My suggestion is to return to the previous system and this will make that the people buy more cash points because they will want
    get +15 items with white stones and all win hehe.

    Im not asking to change the upgrade rates, i think it is OK.

    Well, thats only my opinion. Im too grateful that Daneos bringed us back this beautiful game.

  • tbh the upgrade rate is fine with white stones -1 on brreak it just that level u65 and u70 stone drop rates are fuckeddd, so it seem expensive and hard. Once we get some level 70 dungeon to drop some stones it won't be as expensive

    @EsDeath said that the bids lvl 70 dungeons won't bee for the POB but for the OB they will start work on them in OB so this means that OB isn't that far as we think

  • @EsDeath said that the bids lvl 70 dungeons won't bee for the POB but for the OB they will start work on them in OB so this means that OB isn't that far as we think

    that a shame there are bugs to glitch most of those boss and should be tested before open beta so it doesn't get abused

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