Question About the last update Answer please!

  • I have 2 question about the last update.

    1.what is the meaning of retail DBO?


    2.what is luck drop?

    Since m English is not good and its not my country main language that's why i have these 2 questions regarding the last update.I am very thankful for your answers.

  • Retail = as the original dbo taiwan, but to be honest i don't know if that is completely true, maybe they just think that the old dbo was like this. I know that i don't,

    Lucky drop, as Daneos explained is a chance to get more % of getting a good drop, for example if the upgrade stone drop rate is 2% then that % would be increased, he didn't say by how much.

  • i dont know what is you main lenguage but:

    1.what is the meaning of retail DBO?

    Means like the "original dbo". The old Tw server that this server is triyng to emulate.
    Queire decir como el dragon ball original. El juego que este servidor intenta emular o revivir.

    2.what is luck drop?

    When you kill a mob you have a chance to get the lucky drop. If you get it, the drop rate and the zenni rate will be increased for that mod.
    Aumenta el dropeo de objetos y dinero de el mob en el que te salio el "lucky drop"

  • Ok thank you guys now i understand about retail and luck drop but i didn't understand about lucky drop that much though because we don't know that after lucky drop we got and item or increased Zenies or we have a chance to get an rare item on killing next mob or we got a duration drop% increase there are so much assumption to talk too. So if u any more about ''Lucky Drop'' then please update this post

    Once again thanks you guys for replying fast.

  • This is what i thing.. dont really have much more infor than the post fo daneos but i think, when you kill 10 mob you will have 10 chances to get a lucky drop (one for each mob you killed) If you kill one, you will have 1 chance. In the moment that the mob drop something, the server determine if is normal, rare, legendaria, if is a stone (each one of that have a %) The lucky drop increase thoses %.