Last update was quite interesting!

  • personally i dislike this upfate...why?

    -Human should have less LP but should be king of dmg

    -Namek should do the more little dmg in game(even with bold strike) but should have a lot of lp and a lot of defense

    -Majin should do medium damage,also spin should have less CD and more dmg

    TW dbo was trash for balance,the only good balance this game was have was in version level 55 korean that was needed repetable quest for level.After that the game become SK online.

    Chek it out in that update wasnt speed,and all party for cc floor 50(that was the max floor) was composed by 2 dps,1 buffer,1 tank and healer.The game was really balanced only with that update after was everytime unbalanced and some craft stronger than other.

    I talk about update that when you was upgradining items wasnt the 3 card,wolf fang fist was level 49 at max and ssj was a lvl 50 skill

    and fighter was having bleed on needles

  • the good old days 8):thumbup:

  • the good old days 8):thumbup:

    yeah i do cc,pvp,scramble,tmq and as fighter was always have party.Also with +8 gear i was do all and compete in pvp with koreans sk with +12.the game was a lot less noob friendly,human was have 5k lp,dmg was lower,but hell atleast it was balanced and nobady was stay out of a tw i never do cc,only with friends low floors,cuz i was a fighter.Also i think im decent and in tw i was have a very good gear.almost all +12 and +15 pole,but in pvp sk still 1 shot me.dbo fail after that big update that make it noob friendly and become SK online or SPEEDPARTY online

    also the best thing was that for upgrade was only pure and normal stone not all those power rangers stones blue red purple green, my opinion isnt a case that the game close little time after that update LOL

  • Man about humans, now only fighters do very high damage,my turtle now do half damage than before .....

  • It wasn't written negatively. you just precieved it that way because you think i'm being rude most of time. Which is a fair judgement. Stay on topic though ;)

    Do you ever have anything good to say, seriously every post you make you say something negative 99.9% of the time and you have a lot of posts, and no ones completely shitting on anything, they're just speaking their opinion. You just needa relax.

  • The thing that bother me the most, no crit, takes many skills to kill an SK even as a SM, but a MSS crit from behind just one shots them? Way too RNG.

    Edit: Cosmo Well people liked my post meaning they agree with me so its not just me percieveing it that way.

    crit occurrence is at or near retail lvls if you want to crit often you need full crit gear build. not%crit damage increase (many players assume this for some reason, Not saying you are thou)

    but increase crit by 13 or higher i on both weapons.

    if your a sword and want to crit more often you need increase phys crit by 13 @lvl 70 if you have % increase physical damage all thats doing is increasing the damage output when you do crit.

    anyways guys also remember this is a testing phase in the game if the dbog team and community feel something isnt right it can very so change try enjoy the game as it is right now. The ultimate goal of this sever to to bring the game to what retail was before the shutdown. with minor tweaks to get a class balance (if needed)

  • need a lot of things to balance for a good balance.

    if you guys have chance take a look at the version i was say(old kr level 55 BEFORE big patch),there balance was work and ppl wasnt complaining.not the first one tho because there healer was op and was kill SM in no time ahah.the last pacth before big pach.all was working great there and speed party wasnt exist,just skill was count

  • I remember DBOTw When all humans used to use legendary armor to get full stats to have goods critics and dodge..

    Here we have a few guys complaining couse they cant 1 hit kill in papaya/tatami. With craft armor -27...

    i still thinking this was a great update couse bring new use for a lot of content that was unless until now.
    Legendary armor, buffers, new strategies, very usefull pasives,

  • I have legendary wand full stats and decent gloves,i crit much times,the problem is the damage that is the only advantage that had turtle,now he's dead.I remember you that there are much people that don't shop and they can't have +15 weapons, now i think that is the only way to one shot in uds and tmqs(to have weapons+15).

  • Oof. A crit big bang at level 63 only does 8k damage now, without a crit it's 4k. Who knew it could get weaker? Yet my non-crit needles seem about as powerful as ever. And Rock Paper Scissors is still much more powerful than I recall it being in retail.(3.5k) Something's definitely still off about the damage here. I dunno what makes Daneos so sure this is absolutely like retail.

    Well, I went to test things. The hit/dodge formula seems correct. I practically never miss with 2066 hitrate, but miss plenty when I only have 1000 hitrate.(level 63) I've always said a Fighter's weakness was hitrate, and I remember it being just like this in DBO. That said, the success/resist rate is absolutely NOT right. Even with 140 FOCUS I'm missing my stuns 70% of the time on normal same-level mooks.(Again, lvl63) That's the way it was against stunnable Bosses, but absolutely not anything below. My Kidney Shot missed on vital moments before in retail, but that was 25% of the time even with my crappy unboosted Fighter FOCUS as opposed to the 140 I have now.

    ....also, on a sidenote, NPC teleport doesn't work at all for me anymore.

  • For a better communication and understanding of everyone's input, I suggest you post some of the following information when mentioning your own damage output or your overall gameplay experience after the update:

    1. Class and Level
    2. Gear effects and upgrades (Weapon, Sub and armor)

    3. Accessories (if they have an impact on damage or other mentioned stats, props, dex or foc for example)

    4. Test target (If it's a mob, level should be enough. If it's a player, as much information as you can provide)

    Without context, it is difficult to assess the accuracy of your feedback and thus its actual impact and relevance on future tweaks updates for all of the staff members.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Aru :dpeace:

  • my turtle weappns are +9 I have 2 earrings 9 prop and the mobs now resist all and my critic its shit. Worst update ever.

    Characters 1.0

    18_small.png Zindel (Lvl 60)

    15_small.png SaibBoo (Lvl 60)

    11_small.png Isen (Lvl 60)

    22_small.png SabitaBoo (Lvl 60)

    14_small.png Pamaor (Lvl 60)

    19_small.png ThePamaor (Lvl 60)

    6_small.png SabiBoo (Lvl 29)

    17_small.png ???????? (Lvl 60)

    Characters 2.0 (Test)

    19_small.png ThePamaor (Lvl 70)

    11_small.png Isen (Lvl 70)

    15_small.png SaibBoo (Lvl 51)

  • my turtle weappns are +9 I have 2 earrings 9 prop and the mobs now resist all and my critic its shit. Worst update ever.

    Thank you for your input, would be interesting to know:

    - If "mob resist all": Did you use FOC gloves, FOC armor FOC rings or status success necklace during testing?
    - If "critic its shit": Similar, did you use any FOC armor/ring/glove or e crit rate on gloves/wand?

    Also, a big detail you forgot: how much you crit? "Shit" is not going to help us getting anywhere.

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