Dragonball Video games.

  • Yo I have a question, is dragonball fighter z the only dragonball game announced this year? I bought Xenoverse 2 Deluxe edition last night lol cuz that shit was on sale homie!

    Anyways I'm asking cuz if xenoverse 3 was announced or raging blast 3 or sagas 2 or some shit, then i should'nt have bought xenoverse 2 . lol

  • Yes, this is the only game this year. Dragon Ball is a clear and simple fighting game, but by no means primitive. It's fun to play it literally for the sake of everything: get new clothes, complete a quest and get the right clothes as a prize, collect all the super attacks, and get trained by all masters - from Goku to Birus. This is a good, high-quality fanservice game that can erase the rest of the entertainment from life for a month. But, for more than a month it is not interesting to play it already. After the first month, I abandoned it and returned to play cs go. Now I'm using blue csgo skins, which I'm going to sell. And it's more interesting to me than playing Dragon Ball.

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