max level character bonus

  • if you get a character to level 70 then any new characters you create will have an exp bonus.

    like 1 lv70 character will give 5% extra exp for killing mobs to characters below lv70

    and 2 lv70 characters is 10% exp bonus 8o

  • Seems a little unfair when you can just use the lvl 70 you already have to power level your new dude.

    I can see the appeal for it but i don't think it'll be implemented.

    Not exactly unfair,just a bit useless for the reason you mentioned,its ok until ,if the team decides to change the way the launcher works(dual,triple,etc.),so far i know that they dont intend to change it,but you never know...cheers

  • meh , doesn't seem about right. if you saying that every lvl 70 charachter gives you 5% everyone will start with a turtle, then just lvl up harder class's , which will be extra Easy since ur saying 5% / 10% (+ Thoese Exp Boosters Game Send's) So i Don't Think it's Quite a Good Idea , But it's a Suggestion non the Less.

  • Umm, i think that is a good idea, with 0 modifications, if someone work on that put it raw on the grill.

    Not everyone can have 2 games open for leveling.

    It is a good incentive for the people, for make them to take max level in the game.

    All the ideas who do not spoil the game, and encourage the players to play him, i aprove it. (Who i am to aprove something dude)

    Well, what im saying is i like the idea, because after the reset, these little things are the ones that are going to call people to play the game, and nobody thinks about that, you can make the game back to life, but if only the old people can play it, closing the doors to new ideas saying all the time "In my time we did not even have the buff of 10% exp or 10% zeni" "In my time we did not even permanent flying system, we have to buy it" "You can make this, why you gonna make that" , the game not gonna work..

    It´s because that have games who put the players with the most big experience in the game, to make new expansions, they give the ideas and the developers make the raw expansion performing and considering those ideas (or not), like EVE´s online for put a example.

    This is only a opinion, the people who really work on this, first have to bring the game back and fix the bugs, for make after that changes, good balance, and new content, but is cool when someone give a good idea, keep it for the right time, we gonna need her.