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  • ¡¡Oe Oe Mina-san!! (╭☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡͡°)╭☞

    Whatsupp people, Krygor here.

    Today i will make a recommendation of a anime who i see this days and a manga, only the good animes and mangas, the better of the best for u kids, for u ladys, for u boyz.

    Something for see with the family, or see alone, something for call your girl to read a manga.

    Well let´s get started HA, in here!




    First place a manga very very good dude, to educate our children and make the world great again, u know, the best of the better for u from oriental custom coast.

    My favorite manga, have notes of 10/10, of my point, the best manga history created.

    Is a manga of action, fantasy, tragedy, gore, epic moments, nothing is better than this boyz.

    Sipnosis: We have a medieval world where a history is related to us, a guy is born in the highest shit, and you're going to see how his shitty life develops, while his shitty author tries to put always in the biggest shit that may have, but has a history so good and moments so epic , that you forget that everything is shit, going to sleep with an erection, a doubt, and wanting to see what happens the next day.

    I think everyone will like it, because is beatiful.

    Made in Abyss



    For the anime, today i will recommend for you a very very good anime, is something so beatiful with a good work with the animation, this anime is in emission, came out recently a few weeks ago and he is a wonderful work of art.

    Every Saturday i see it and i like it quite frankly, advise, i don´t like bullshit´s.

    Sipnosis: You are a orphan girl, which every day beat incredible beatings in the orphanage of the bronks, you live on an island in the sea of the bronks like a f****** favela u know?, which is an abyss in the, a day some miners of that abyss give you a role that says that your momy wants you to descend the abyss for see her and give to her a hug, practically this sells itself, and no, it's not a hentai.

    I think everyone will like him because have a good story and animation.

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