Plasma Majin Build Ultimate Skills (ENGLISH)☆

  • Hi, I'm creating builds for plasma majins by request K7il:)

    Pvp Build Homing Storm has effect increased damage to the back 1.5x

    Pve Build Passive Cast Time Reduction (Have reduced launch time on all abilities (have cast time only)

    Pvp Build Fast knock down (Vanishing Ball good in area) Or Imitation Kamehameha have 4 seconds less Build

    Pve Build Burning Rage good buff (increase magical damage and fire defense)

    Hybrid Build or with pure majin Build

    Pve Build High Cast Time Skills

    Build Farm

    Random (create your own construction)


    *Skill Super Rhythmic Trance have good damage with energy critical damage% and properties stats

    *Serene Focus max level good to support kaioken

    *Human Extiction Attack good damage and area , Intense Rage max level fast cooldown for charge rp balls
    *Confusing Drumbeat excellent skill, targets have a chance to attack other enemies (auto attack)

    *Double Whammy Ball max level effect to paralyze the enemy (Fast cooldown)

    *Unbleakable Elastic max level 150% energy damage reflects great to pvp with turtle,karma,poko,all energy class (Enemy can be killed by using very strong ability)

    *Genocide Blast max level cooldown 2 seconds.I think it's possible to leave 0 seconds with earrings and rings cooldown (CD)

    Pve Gear CC
    Gloves:Attack Speed%

    Drum:Attack Speed%




    Neclake:Critical Rate


    Rings:Con,Focus,Prop Bonus

    Pve Gear Pvp

    Gloves:% Crit Damage Energy,Focus

    Drum:% Crit Damage Energy



    Boots:Con,Reflects energy%

    Neclake:Critical Rate,Sucess Rate


    Rings:Con,Focus,Prop Bonus

    Reflects energy % combine with UHhbYwW.png

    Pve Gear Farm

    Gloves:% Crit Damage Energy,Critical rate Energy,Focus

    Drum:% Crit Damage Energy,Critical rate Energy



    Boots:Con,% Movement Speed,Soul

    Neclake:Critical Rate


    Rings:Con,Focus,Prop Bonus,Cooldown

    Dogi:Con,Lp%,% Movement Speed

    Hair:Attack Speed%,Soul

    Mask:Cooldown,Success Rate,Focus
    Richness:Energy Crit Rate

    Backpack :% Energy Crit Damage,Energy Attack

    Title:Universe's Luckiest:Cooldown 2

    Mira Chaser:3 focus

    Dark Devil Destroyer:1 prop

    Watchdog of Kiri:3 Con

    Note:% Movement Speed for kid buu

    Pvp weaknesses

    Earring,Neclake,Rings by Dende, Poko

    Decreases paralysis%

    Earring,Neclake,Rings by Sk,Dw

    Decreases paralysis%,Decreases Confusion%Decreases Fear%

    Earring,Neclake,Rings by Fighter,Sword

    Focus,Sucess Rate

    Earring,Neclake,Rings By Crane,Turtle

    Decreases Bleeding%,Decreases paralysis%

    Earring,Neclake,Rings By Ultimate,Grand

    Decreases Candy%,Decreases paralysis%

    Earring,Neclake,Rings By Karma,Plasma

    Decreases paralysis%,Decreases Confusion%Decreases Petrify%,

  • Pure Majin can make spawn of abilities with genocide blast

    Transformation have high damage

    speed attack in pure majin great in cc battle dungeon with buff poko and karma (auto attack) to kill boss

    Penalty can not used dash passive,but only two skills can be used when in pure majin form.Very slow when walking...

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