New and undecisive.

  • Hey everyone I just came across this project and am loving it so far. Only one issue after all these years of moms I don't know what is "fun". The classes I have in mind are dendai priest, sw, hermit, fighter, and grand chef.

    I have a family and am military so time is limited so would like to focus on 1 class even do The eventual wipe. I love energy based attacks because well it's what brings back the feels (special beam, kame, ect) but am a melee at heart. That being said I have always ended up being a healer support because it's what I am good at and feels the most useful since there's always a shortage.

    I know it's a rant but I have got them all to only level 10 but like I said would love to start focusing toward a goal.

    Could some players convince me why they chose their class out of the ones listed? Tried to talk to people in game bit not one response. Sorry for the rant and thank you for your time.

  • I recommend Crane due to the fact that it'd fulfill both of your needs, the Energy attacks, Physical for your melee passion & you've got some healing abilities too. Never tried this class though so my knowledge isn't that developed when it comes to Crane.

  • Thanks I appreciate the quick response. Any recommendations for guilds? I enjoy having company while grinding as counterproductive as it is.

  • Welcome, My current main will probably be my newest toon which is the Ultimate Majin

    Ultimate Majin deals with giving out buffs/heals along with being able fend for themselves, so i figured it would work fine. I rarely ever see any that aren't someones alt running around following them, so I assume its an uncommon class.

    I'm also a meleer at heart so im glad Ultimate majin is in the mighty majin skill tree, so its a close quarters fighter with a few range moves along with the supporting.

    "That sounds like a player 2 problem"

  • Welcome mate and I hope you will enjoy the game.


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