About Dex..

  • As many will know, the dex is one popular effect in the game...

    Now the theme that I want to play is this, I have fought against fighters with only 2 pieces of dex, reaching 1500 of dogde, and evade more than me, that I have 4 pieces of dex.

    Apart from all i use gloves with focus, and even so I keep evading, and not 1 time, (as I say luck) I say it 3 to 4 times in the round .. and they as if nothing, hit me all the skills (only having 2 pieces of dex and 0 focus / hit rate).

    I think the staff of dbog, should check the dogde rate, the truth needs to be fixed a bit.

    I understand that daneos wants to make everything work 100% first and then move on to balance the classes, but it is not to have this point in mind.

    That is all God bless you8)

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