The properties nerf result is made clear

  • So we had some time to watch the results of the prop nerf on humans...and it looks like it turned out as predicted. No MA chooses props for PvP, and they're even less wanted in PvE. You'd think after seeing NO-ONE choose props over DEX/stat resist% for this long, you made a bad balancing choice, but props remain nerfed to this day. In retail you'd choose props or DEX and get good results from both. But here, especially Fighters are forced into this one-trick DEX pony role. Props have become a joke.

    Also, I can't hammer in enough how necessary good props are for MA's to have a chance at PvE parties. They boost their AoE and defense so they have a chance to get healed when they inevitably get hit. Retail had this one right from the getgo.

    So apparently you were mad that needle crits went from 22k(DEX) to 23k(props) dmg in testing, which is a 4% damage difference with a far lower chance of critting at all, therefore also making it easier to counter by anti-crit. But hey, if that's all, you could've evened the odds by putting attack props to 0.9% and leaving defense props alone. But 0.5%?? And lowering defense too??? What were you even smoking? ?( Probably the same thing that made you decide 56% status resist rings aren't OP. You'll have to excuse me if I don't trust you to balance DBOG when you make thoughtless choices like this, and then even leave them in despite seeing the results.

  • DEX is a way too strong stat right now, it gives more p.atk than STR, that's complete bullsh*t.

    Same problem with the focus i guess,
    Kraken rings with STR and SOUL are usseless right now,

    in my opinion improve the dodge must be the first to do with the fighter, anyway there are other classes more unbalanced right know.

  • Totally agree with you. I want old props for humans.

  • OR make it half for everyone so that humans can "tank"

    Is that sarcastic? That'd just make PvE more difficult for no reason, and still make DEX the only valid alternative since it remains unnerfed. Honestly, I don't think DEX is much stronger than it was in retail, but stat resist% accessories and the lack of working props sure makes it seem more OP....

    Removing props has a HUGE effect on the metagame. Because we're missing props you can't run CON in PvP. You'll get one-shotted due to human armor sucking. That in turn, makes reflect more OP because CON used to protect you from that and DEX doesn't. Anti-crit gear, on the other hand, becomes less valued since you don't need to counter props anymore, which gave less critrate than DEX gear. And LP% of course becomes ENTIRELY nonviable for humans in both PvE and PvP without props' defense.

    We'll always need DEX in order to stop Karmas, Dendes, KD spammers, etc. Anyone who'd only rely on props would be hurting themselves. A game where people need different gear sets to be the best will have alot more longevity and depth than one where DEX is the only option. So bring props back to where they should be. You made a mistake in judgement, no problem, but at least turn things back for us.

  • Im going to have to agree with this one now that Cell X, Kraken, etc. are now in game. Props was just OP on SKs but really they need a nerf anyway along with other classes of course.

  • I'm not gonna talk balance here it's pointless to talk to people who can't even theorycraft.

    My opinion is to reduce props for everyone in PvP, and keep it 1=1 for everyone in PvE, but i heard that's not possible.

  • I'm not gonna talk balance here it's pointless to talk to people who can't even theorycraft.

    My opinion is to reduce props for everyone in PvP, and keep it 1=1 for everyone in PvE, but i heard that's not possible.

    crafting theories on a broken aspect is waste of time, Changing it back to 1:1 THEN DO some actually testing in like PVE/PVP, Props vs DEX vs w.e to see if it needs changing, it that simple.

  • when peopole will notice and start thinking

    that it's POB and in OB we won't have the same OP stuff we have know and it will bee harder to done instances bla bla bla Staff start balance the stat's beffore even done all the pve instance's ?! OMG what logic is this ? Dear Player's do u know that soul's and Str are 2 usless stats that no one uses ? why they don't increase the enrgy attack giving from soul and cap it ... make it give some CD's like dex give crit phy ... HAVE CONTACT WITH US STAFF THAT'S all we are asking for

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  • My opinion is to reduce props for everyone in PvP, and keep it 1=1 for everyone in PvE, but i heard that's not possible.

    Again, if you made all PvP props 0.5 how would that fix anything? If an MA only got 0.5 props, then DEX and stat resist% will always be the superior option. Even with 1=1 props, in most situations DEX is still equal if not better. This whole nerf was just terribly misjudged.

    i agree fighters should crit for 50k instead of 30k

    4% damage difference. A 30k needle would be 31.2k if props were fixed, except they'd have much less critrate to boot, so anticrit would stop crits entirely much easier. Personally I don't even want to buff needles, I just want my AoEs and defense back. -.-

    Well it is better than having nothing like in Taiwan server.

    You mean nothing in PvP-only, and only when your enemy has anti-props gear only that is less effective against people who don't use props? The kind that you ideally needed an extra set for, instead of just going DEX-only like we do in DBOG? At least in TW we had working PvE props and some basic gear strategies.

  • is this a sick joke. silly kurs

    fighter crying cause he wants more damage in pvp. lol dex gives fighters ungodly resistance and crit if anything they need nerf. videos have been posted on how resistance works in Taiwan and how high focus lowers stun duration but team wont implement this cause they all for fighter being ultimate class. most say that they game is almost balance just need to up damage of dw and grand chief what a sick stupid joke.

    I agree props don't do shit for humans in pve and pvp the reason its nerf is soley to blame on fighters. fighters control this game look at all the

    game nerfs all the nerfs benefit fighters.

    namek race half success rate, half dodge rate

    delay on karmas and plasmas ultimate shout skill (now quick attack hits first)

    cranes thousand slash nerfed to do only 25% splash so cranes cant kill fighters in 1 hit unless they stack 3 dots

    spin skill nerfed to do half damage (use to kill fighters in 5 hits now takes 10-12)

    props nerfed to good turtles from emerging like in Taiwan (good turtles one hit fighters)

    resistance cap 60% (I admit this was needed due to ungodly resistance of ultimates but this cap still benefits fighters)

    cd reduction, nerfs dendes and pokos abilities to spam skills

    if anything fighters should be the last on the list to be consider for any damage increase via changes to props.

    fighters in my opinion are 2nd to 3rd best pvp class in game

    and are somewhat sought after in pve for speed parties.

    I hope the team fixes other stuff and actually tries balance this game instead of boosting a class that doesn't need boosted.

    shout out to my favs dbog team tempest , kuromi, and gm erza

    I hope this thread gets closed theres better things that need fixing

  • add CD reduction to that list too buddy, but I think that deserve a whole another thread