Build and buffer full suport Majin or Namek?

  • Hey guys, i'm going to be a fighter, i need help on that too.. But this topic is on with race is the best buffer ?
    Namek or Majin .. I haven't played since Tawain.
    So guys can you post a build for the best Buffer aka Suporter i want a full suporter not hybrid.
    If isn't so much to ask.
    I'll be fighter is there a build that you guys think good on pve ?

    Dragon Ball Family <33

  • im too fighter and i choosed ultimate majin so far 40 lvl its going hell slowly cause u know 2x lower exp in pt per kill cause its divided between main and my buffer so far 10 buffs using on fighter from majin and 3 from main so 13 buffs in total for now ofc that for 20min+ ones and my build on fighter is (i always make my own, same all ppls should do) and on buffer simple not single atk skill all points to buffs about question im dont know what better everywhere differ answers for me ultimate for other can be other one simple like in any other mmos.Orochi if u wannt i can give u my build at ultimate majin just say here.

    btw anyone made so far solo lvling guide to 45?? i would like to see cause so far lvling on 42 lvl snakes and as i say in party my main and my buffer so exp 2x lower, 10% on that snakes i get in 25-30min so solo its 12:30-15min for 10% so any better spots out there for my lvling :P?? aa and that with 50% exp on... ty for answers if someone will xD.