Too many changes, too fast.

  • I don't know how to begin this, so I will get down to the point.

    I see so many changes that are happening too fast and this isn't always a good thing.
    Almost every change/update is coming without an explanation of why it was implemented and people, like myself, writhe in frustration.

    I would like to address the points that made me feel sad about the server, the moment I read them.

    • Changes in Dragon Ball Hunt

    Why would something this big be implemented so fast? Why were there no test runs on this? Where was the proper explanation, before the update, to the people that keep this server alive?

    I will answer my own question right here, like everyone would do : "Because it's OB Vall and we should change things and see how it goes booohoocrysmirkapau".
    No, a proper change comes after a proper explanation was given about it and of course a proper way to implement it. Don't just say "We changed DB Hunt, wait for the next DB hunt to spend 4 hours getting nothing and then complain." People are right to complain about how their success rate has dropped since the last DB Hunt, but you're so optimistic going today , 4 days after the "new system" giving us an explanation.

    Not to mention that this change should have happened ONLY and I say ONLY after we had more hours to work with. It's hard for some people to be online at those designated times (the staff knows that) and if they are, they got nothing. May it really is bad luck for 1 or 2 hours, but 4 hours? How can this possibly be bad luck?
    It was just a bad "innovation" and it gave more headaches to the people responsible.
    I predicted the raging outburst of the community the moment I saw the "update", taking in account that not every class can clear an area that easily and also that people would be camping in the 40-50lvl areas.

    • Changes in Netpy

    Where's the explanation of how you obtain the famous T points now? Adding stuff to the shop and then making it "harder" to get the points needed seems dumb to me. You really couldn't think of a better way to improve or rather decrease the way you obtain them.
    Let me give you a hint. Separate channel for afkers/shops.
    That sounds good to me. Why didn't you just create a new channel for the people that want to farm while being afk and also for the people that want to sell in shops? Also implement a new system to the other channels, that kicks people to the character screen after 15 minutes (as long as it took to get 10tokens) of inactivity. It doesn't take a genious to think of a way to improve the token system while retaining server stability.
    With the way you did it, you just made the Token shop awesome with the new additions and then removed the sparkles that were hovering around it, making it look like an empty brown box down in the junkyard.

    • Changes in threat/aggro management

    Oh oh, here comes the clawing... This is the worst thing that has ever happened in the MMO history. Removing the ability of the real tanks to tank and give it to the DPS. I don't know if there are people in your staff that have MMO experience, but this should have been cut off at the time it was dropped on the table.

    Not only it makes the game look bad, but it also asks the question "Do you really know what you're doing with the game?" I've been playing MMOs since 2004. It's 2018 (for those that don't have a calendar close to them) now and I've never ever ever have seen a change this big, that would not just nerf, but destroy an ingame class making it worthless in just 2 hours.

    Tell me, you did it because people love SK, didn't you? SKs were always complaining that they sometimes (not all times) couldn't tank. That happened here too. People were complaining that SKs were not as good as DWs at tanking and you went and changed them from off tanks to main (buawawhaha) tanks... And they were right. SKs aren't meant for main tanking. Dark Warriors are. Why?

    Because that's their main job, to tank, to protect the party with their abilities and make SKs look "bad".

    1. I don't know if the people that belong to the DBOG staff have played other MMOs, but give me a minute to explain why I said main tanks and off tanks before.
      In all the MMOs I've played, there are 2 (or more) classes that can tank. All those classes aren't the same at tanking, some lack survivability, some lack offensive skills, some lack threat management. It all comes to have a balance around tanks and know what you need with your current party or future dungeon. That's where main tanks and off tanks come in. If you're in need of a great tank that can help you with the dungeon, you will have to rely on a main tank. If you think that it's easy, you can do it with an off tank. (I won't go further into the system of raids etc. of the other MMOs, cause we don't have that here).

    What you did here, was to destroy the Dark Warrior's ability to tank, cause as he is now, he lacks the damage output it needs to maintain the threat of the mobs around him. Dark Warrior could solely do this with his skills, never relying on damange dealt, thus protecting the whole party.
    Once again, there wasn't an explanation of how you managed to come to this conclusion and change the main backbone of the aggro/threat management.

    • Changes in Classes - Balancing

    Most people want their main class to be the best. I want that too. You can't satisfy everyone though. Some classes rock in PvE and some in PvP. You can't have a class that will do exceptionaly well in both. That gives the player, the ability to choose between what he wants to do in the end-game. If he wants to PvE, he must rely on the good PvE classes and if he wants to PvP, he has to rely on the better PvP classes.

    Balancing a class to be good in both can't be done without making another one look bad. You can't have a class that can be great at PvP and also be great at PvE. Not in all the aspects. That's where AoE damage, single target damage, healing ability, survivability and tanking modules come in place. Players must choose what they want to do and they must stop complaining about balancing the classes in either PvP or PvE, cause with the current data, someone will always complain.

    • Changes in Tournament

    So you tell me that I have to melt my fingers in ranked if I want to participate in the Tournament? I'm not a PvP person, so I will use my PvE Turtle brain to tell you what I think about this. Too much for something that lasts a week or so. That's it.. Too much drama for nothing. Why not add 5 or more tournaments to meet the players' expectations instead of adding another formula into the mix which in our case is ranked battles? Why just rely on just one Tournament that will say "Bye Bye" to us in the next maintenance? Can't the server handle it? Can't you copy paste the code 5 more times into the formula? Oh i forgot.. Where is the proper explanation of why you can't add another tournament? Why did you set a minimum level again?

    • Changes in the Crafting System

    Here comes another change, which is also a zeni sinker but will stop being one, once people get their respective gear. Not to mention that the crafting prices are too high for the server's economy state (at the moment). I was a crafter in TW, I was a crafter in PoB. This change is the worst that someone can implement to a game that has a crafting system. Why not let me craft the recipe for a 70lvl armor if I'm able to do it and also pay the price for it? What's stopping me from crafting the gear I want and sink my zeni to help the economy stabiize? Where's the proper "patch (hahaha) notes" that explain the reason of this huge change in one of the game's core mechanics? Oh yeah, the "explanation" if you can call that an explanation and not an excuse of mutilating the crafting system, came in 8 hours ago, stating that it was just "unfair".

    You know what's unfair though? That you keep redoing the same mistakes and then undoing them. Like it was back in PoB. Oh yeah, I was there leveling, hitting 70, having fun, reporting the aspects of the game that I found wrong, doing the same old thing Vall does, going with the flow, but I come in Open Beta expecting things to be better and what I find is just a humorous bad face of the PoB that we left behind.

    If you want to make things better, you have to start listening to the people who support the server and keep it alive. And no, I'm not talking about cashers. I'm talking about the whole community which stood and is still standing beside you all these years. All you have to do, is order an open discussion about how we should proceed and make this a better game for us and the people to come.

    Thanks for reading my thoughts on this. I would be glad to discuss anything related to the issues I've mentioned.

  • Great job! You've basically summed up what everyone has been thinking in a single very detailed critical post, and I applaud you for that.

    I feel like changing the recent updates like the aggro system/dragon ball hunt/token system back to it's original state is not enough. Who is to tell us that this won't happen again? Like you said, there should be a discussion on every update that effects the gameplay in a considerably way. I don't feel like fixes and different things returning to it's original state (dbo taiwan) needs to be discussed, as they don't effect the gameplay as much, but new thought up ideas should be discussed, explained and approved by the majority of the community before it's implemented.

  • Let's hope the staff do things right. Good comment.

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  • Can't wait for [PL]Daneos Reply ? i 'am 100 % sure he won't reply !! Maybe GM's ?

    dear staff ,

    Pleas take 1 min of you'r time to read this !

    Can you pleas eplain mee why you guys doesn't do what we ask you ?how the hell you do "Insane" changes without asking or even tell us before ? just explain us why ..

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  • And with the chance of that said,here is my view coming xD

    I am addressing that to the staff.

    Dear staff,from my humble,naive and pathetic view,since this is going on from the POB,i see you like pawns,you have never anything to say,until Daneos has said it,the announcement comes,when Daneos has approval,ok i get it,its Daneos game,but what is the use of you,if you dont know anything and you know only when Daneos approve?

    Do you realize that you dont help the community?You help only Daneos.

    You handling the forum badly and the game as a portal to speak out problems,you are not having any permissions to act.

    What is Daneos capable of?

    Cause what i see so far,its like you are his extended hands,again by that you are not helping us,you are helping his way.

    Do you like his way?cause we obviously dont like it.

    ps. i was intrigued to say da wae,but i tried to keep it formal.

  • We are in daneos Dectature ! btw Staff the only gain you are getting if you keep it like that is that peopole will hate you .. ( there is some Gm's i used to like , admire , well sadly it's not the case anymore ) ..

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  • We are in daneos Dectature ! btw Staff the only gain you are getting if you keep it like that is that peopole will hate you .. ( there is some Gm's i used to like , admire , well sadly it's not the case anymore ) ..

    I personally dont move with the flow,i dont care if anyone likes or hates what i say(none cant hate or like me,as none knows me as a person,that applies for everyone).

    None should like or hate the staff,none shouldnt even know them,they should had made second accounts for the moderation, even if that is dishonest.

    I will personally be here and point out things of my view of point,that needs attention,no matter what,i am the fool and can not be worse.

    Ohh btw i will still wait for the nomination by the end of the year : *

  • Now I not start in closed beta, but From a healer stand point tanking/threat management is worse after the patch.

    Even some of the low level runs I have been trying...

    I have been finding it a little harder to to heal groups, especially healing tanks.

    Healers can always rip aggro off the tank

    But it has become to easy now to rip aggro...

    Come on Healers speak up on this.

  • First of test stuffs before you complain like that.

    Sure there are things that I don't like but please test them first.

    Dragon Ball Hunt - it shouldn't be special at all, it should exist in same way it existed in old DBO, like in TW that it was held for days.

    Even tho this should be "fair" event, it was fair before where everyone could fly around and attack DB mobs with no need to destroy group of mobs to even spawn those DB but what ever.

    Token points - this could be done by simply AFK Bot check system that existed before, or something new that would kick out AFK-ers.
    I dislike this AFK part of game, some may like it, some don't.

    Class Balance - that you point there, should be work on it on dev server with cap 70 since this client is for CAP 70 and those skills and everything. It would be crappy and lame to balance out each caps and it would take shit tons of time.

    Changes in Tournament - It is really ok idea but then again there are people who don't do ranked much but want to do budokai since they spend time in PVE, gearing and such.

    Still this has to be made because there is too much of people and too little of slots and if budokai is placed each day, it wouldn't be that special.

    Crafting System - was added soo you can have something to do in higher caps, I get this but this change should happen soon OB started but I guess Daneos forgot to add it.

    Aggro System - this aggro if it works as it should, it would be good.

    Boss monster will always target player aka tanker that is near him, while all other range classes are safe.

    No way for them to gain any aggro, problem here is close range classes that deal higher dmg than tanker or if tanker is KD-ed, stunned or what ever, but then again it faster to gain aggro back, just spam skills, more skills you use, faster you will gain aggro plus dmg of tanker or simply use taunt.

    Like I said, he had good ideas to make events fair to everyone and everything else but then again they do not work as they should.

    I am sure Daneos working on solution for this, but even tho I dislike some changes, I understand them.



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  • Dear AMZD,

    I counter you by informing you that we work as a team. Daneos isn't just a dictator that makes all the decisions. We put everything through a team-based way of thinking. We always are looking for ways to improve the game for the overall future. Sometimes "temporary" decisions are made that don't always suite the community. We are always looking at each and everyone of your suggestions with the idea of trying to sympathize with your ideas and make them congruent with the game standards. Though there are times where we have to make the "best" decision that sometimes people don't want that is ultimately better for the community. You don't have to agree with our decisions, but I will be vocal when I say that we are not just "pawns" like you think we are. We are humans just like you and mistakes are made, but just as easy as the mistakes are made we look to swiftly fix them and take from the community feedback.


    DBO G Team.

  • I'm making this post to express my personal opinion on these matters, mixed in with some useful factual information. Even though all of what was posted above has already been talked about multiple times before and everyone is aware of it.

    I will give you points on the following:

    - Not enough detailed information in the update posts;

    - Two of the recent changes only being applied halfway, while waiting for the final implementations a week or two later.

    Now, tackling each topic individually.

    • Dragon Ball Hunt changes

    Not like this one needed a detailed explanation, given the amount of threads prior to this change, complaining about how there were not enough db mobs for this many players in the server. Sure, removing the random db spawns on pre-living monsters upset some people, mostly the ones who don't read the forums and updates to know how the new system works, but a 20% spawn rate is really high, meaning you don't even need to be an AOE class. I know you're bound to find scumbags who'll do anything steal your db mobs if you try to farm out in the open, but that's what brings me to my next point.

    As previously mentioned, this is one of the changes that was delivered in an incomplete manner and it would've been fine with everyone (except the lazy db mob campers) if it wasn't. The two changes that are missing and that will be coming soon are: More hunt days with different times to fit everyone's schedules and a db mob lock system that Daneos is working on, which will protect your db mobs.

    It was either: wait another week without changing anything (meaning everyone would still keep raging about "not enough db mobs"); or try this part of the new changes to see how it goes. However, we apologize for any minor inconvenience this might have caused you last Saturday.

    • Token Point changes

    The people using dual client to afk farm weren't really ruining server stability that much. It seems you might have not been paying much attention to this subject, but the biggest issues regarding this were the clear advantage that mass farmers were getting from upgrading pre-30 gear (to use in kid budo or to sell) and the impact it was having on the economy.

    Again, it is the other case in which you got a point, because it was also an incomplete change. There will be adjustments to the Token Shop prices and possibly new items added as well. It's painfully obvious that the new system isn't meant to work with the old prices and that we wouldn't just leave it like that.

    • Tank aggro changes

    I see a lot of assumptions on this one. First of all, the update that ruined tanks' aggro wasn't even intended to do that, and no, it wasn't because people "love SK". Plus, there's already been a fix implemented that we've been getting some positive feedback from, and if anything needs to be further adjusted, it will be.

    • Class balance changes

    I don't really see the point of this topic in the middle of all this. Just seems a bit random, but sure, I'll share my 2 cents. I understand there's people who have that opinion, however, I don't believe that "balance" in this genre of games should be like Pokémon. I think every class should have a chance to succeed in either PvE or PvP, with one thing deciding which one of those paths they can master: their build.

    • Tournament changes

    When I first heard of this change (before it was implemented), I was also a bit skeptical and worried, but that was because I hadn't thought everything through and didn't have all the information yet. A few minutes later, I was okay with it.

    Also, "copy and paste the code 5 more times"? First of all, that's clearly not how it works, and secondly, what would you even do with that many tournaments if the amount of players applying wouldn't even be able to come close to filling two of them? "Drama"..? Anyway, here's a few factors to consider:

    - It's a priority system, not a requirement.

    - You don't have to do Ranked Battles to participate because not all ~400 players will be no-lifing them.

    - People who prefer/are into PvP will have more of a chance to participate, which they deserve. Again, the rest can still easily join.

    - Ranked points reset every week, so every one has a chance, no matter how late they start getting into PvP.

    - Having more tournaments right now wouldn't work, because only having a portion joining the other one would be unfair for the ones in the main instance. Not to mention how the system also gives priority to levels, the second instance would just be easy wins and easy auras/titles, so your idea would actually make people complain even more.

    Can't tell if the minimum level question is a serious one, but you should probably know the answer now.

    • Crafting system changes

    Last but not least. Yes, the crafting prices are high. Yes, farming Zeni for it becomes easier and easier with each cap raise. The limitations added to the crafting system were to prevent flooding the game with a bunch of strong gear that's much higher than the current level cap. Yes, there should've been more detailed information explaining this in the update post.

    Finally, to point out a few things from the ending there, these are called "testing phases" for a reason. Sure, some more controversial ideas can use a poll and discussion from time to time, but I personally don't think that Daneos should have to ask the community for permission for every single thing before he updates. The community already fights between itself enough as it is. We always take the community's feedback into consideration, that's how a lot of the in-staff discussions are started, not just by suggestions made by staff members, and it's also how a lot of decisions are reached - there's been serveral cases of community influence on decisions. We all pitch in with our different opinions to try to counter each other and reach the best possible solution (that includes you too), but a lot things sometimes "sound better on paper" and then end up not being executed so well. That's why we also need mass-population testing and feedback for some of the changes, after they've been tried - which can easily be re-adjusted the next week or two, an amount of time that's not really hard to wait, at all.

    Anyway, going back to the lack of explanations part, I would like to mention that I have felt the same way and that's why I've pitched an idea to Daneos that he seems to agree with so far. Instead of having Daneos sacrifice an easy-to-read listing of the changes, which some people might prefer, we will possibly start including a link to a detailed patch notes thread, which (as it suggests) will give more info on these important changes, with some images and everything. Not only that, but you'll also be able to comment and post your opinions in that thread.


  • Rip what a sad amount of changes & No wonder I'm not getting tokens while i'm at work anymore.I only used to use the tokens for the dogis on my alt characters i wanted to play someday and for personal use.With all of these drastic changes kind of turns me off from progressing further since there will never be a guarantee more changes will not arise.Thankfully I haven''t inve$ted alot of time nor money on here & just enjoy logging in to hang out questing and chill around other dragonball fans but my ingame time may become obsolete with all of changes.Best Regards to the staff for all of their hard work regardless of my dislikes & I hope for the longevity of DboGlobal !

  • LMfao i kept asking for Daneos to be more specific in his change logs a long time ago in discord back when he decided to change stone upgrade rates, I and several others were skeptical about not knowing the new rates and complained why he is always so vague and never explains things in his change-logs, and you know what happened? We got backlash from the mods saying how he doesn't have to explain every little detail in his updates. Next thing you know 15+ items were being shitted out every other minute, and daneos eventually had to change the rates again. If only he had players telling him these rates were too low... And you're now only starting to realise this would be a good idea? Epic fail.

    And why the hell would you change the aggro system without explaining why you're changing it? No one likes this new system, Healers, DPS, and tanks all expressed their discontent with this change but yet daneos decides he shouldn't revert it back to the old system.

    If Daneos values having a player-base he should indeed listen to this community, otherwise people are just going to play a different game where the developers actually care about their players complaints. People aren't just going to complain for no reason, we weren't born hating Daneos. Its his constant fkups and failure to realise them that has led to this.

    Also we're still waiting for a response to the scam that was the founder packs.

  • If you work as a team,need to act as a team,if you agree and being happy on how things are being handled so far,so be it,we agree that we disagree on that.

    By calling you pawns,its not an idea,its what i get from the handling,i am not happy to be here and give negative criticism.

    I acknowledge that you actually(moderators)transfer the suggestions of the people here and probably gathering the best data from them...

    Of course you are humans and you will make mistakes as everyone does,as i have being on the side of you,supporting when people exaggerated on you,i have been given extenuation.

    By saying all that,i need to ask you,why there isnt any information ahead from final decision,what and where is the agenda that you follow,why you are not trying to calm people with facts and information but instead,take action first,people go mad,you divide the community each time and then the announcement comes,to put the fire down...Its is like that since POB,its not a mistake,its a killing recipe,dont you see it?

  • Rip what a sad amount of changes & No wonder I'm not getting tokens while i'm at work anymore.I only used to use the tokens for the dogis on my alt characters i wanted to play someday and for personal use.With all of these drastic changes kind of turns me off from progressing further since there will never be a guarantee more changes will not arise.Thankfully I haven''t inve$ted alot of time nor money on here & just enjoy logging in to hang out questing and chill around other dragonball fans but my ingame time may become obsolete with all of changes.Best Regards to the staff for all of their hard work regardless of my dislikes & I hope for the longevity of DboGlobal !

    Tokens are a reward for playing the game for long time, and not a free reward for literally not playing the game and leaving the characters standing still. Of course we understand that some players can't dedicate whole hours playing the game, and as Kirito said, the Token Shop might decrease its prices to a more fair amount soon.

    - Santo, DBOG Team