Cant open 2 Dragonball Clients anymore

  • Hey,

    i wanna use 1 Character to sell items AFK and my Main Char to play real. But today dont working 2 Clients. The Launcher say me:" DBOG Launcher needs to finish patching first". But hes dont patch anything. What should i do?

    Please help.

  • if you try to open 2 launchers but the same account is not going to be able, but if you can open 2 different accounts that means when you enter the user and password, they have to be different accounts but not only 1 with the two characters, I do not know if I make understand

  • Dual client is simple

    1. always run the game admin

    2. make sure to have allot of accounts ready for dual client

    3. you cannot use the same account on 2 dual client just to trade between char in 1 account

    4, your pc may have issue if it can't handle the dual clients soo recommend ya to have good pc if not do not even bother it will increase your lag and pc will overheat to death

    5. if your pc can run it barely lower the graphic in your game to make sure the lag do not kill your gaming skills and your pc