How DBOG Can become a better game for Eveyone

  • DEX actually used to be 1 = 10 Dodge Rate in retail, but at some point it was shown to be too broken so NTL dropped it.

  • what will happen with remouving the stack of the poko speed buff and karma speed buff ?

    1-Speed will gonna bee usless stats , same as the soul , eng , str ....ect

    I wouldn't quite call it useless, but what do you think of the idea of making Gogo Mask a single-target buff, so only a few people can use superspeed at once? We can increase skill duration and cooldown to 2 minutes, so for solo play it'd actually be a buff rather than a nerf.

    Please....i repeat..please...don't nerf thunder. Fighter got to be my favourite pve class because of speed and that skill. Whatever Daneos do or who is in charge of nerfs and buffs, please...please don't nerf thunder.

    Relax. Removing Karma+Poko speed stacking/making Karma's Gogo Mask single-target wouldn't harm a Fighter at all. If anything, it makes your Thunder skill actually hold some value.

    ...well, that is, if a Fighter's speed cap is gonna get adjusted. Thunder deals less damage than needles atm, so there's little reason to use it for PvE.

  • I just love the attack speed animation as a fighter (more than a turtle tbh). Just love to see my character punching the living poop out of mobs, it just makes me happy. I'm a simple man.

    But nerfing speed fighters will throw me off this game. And from December 2014 to now. No. I don't really wanna quit the game you see?

  • DEX actually used to be 1 = 10 Dodge Rate in retail, but at some point it was shown to be too broken so NTL dropped it.

    Now u mantioned, i think u are right, a the very begninng it was like that when dbo was realesed.

    Never the less, the amount of Dodge rate, dont need to be 10

    I have done my homework.

    And did the math,

    accourding to me and my method.

    The right amount to balance is 7 points.

    so it will be like this.

    1 FOC = 10 hitrate.

    1 DEX = 7 Dodge Rate.

    But im aware that my metthod can have some flaws and the only way to know for sure is by testing it.

    in any case 7 Dodge rate per DEX is way much better than 5.

  • According to my calculation 1 Foc = 5 eng attack

    ofc my calculation could be wrong but 5 eng attack still much better than what we have right now.

  • I'm pretty sure 1 FOC doesn't give 5 energy attack, but if any stat should give that much damage it should be SOL/STR for SM and Turtle since they are supposed to have the highest base damage DPS in the game.