Long time Dragon Ball fan looking for English speaking guild!

  • Hey guys!

    My name's Matt, I'm from Canada!

    Been a long time fan of Dragon Ball. I watched the original Dragon Ball when it first aired on TV.

    And it doesn't matter that I'm getting old - I've watched everything Dragon Ball and always get excited when I hear anything about it.

    I like it so much I've written Dragon Ball 3 times already in my message.... oops... 4 times.

    Lol anyways, I'm going to making a Human Fighter I think.. Looking for a guild with experienced players to occasionally answer some dumb noob questions lol.

    Cheers friends!:love:

  • hi there Matt from Canada welcome to dbog we are in open beta meaning that no ones accounts will be erased.

    The current level cap is at 45 but will be risen to 55 by April 5 2018. I wish u luck and all the best.

    We have a guide section in the forums where u can read up on some guides and custom builds for fighter. If I recall echoso has an excellent fighters guide see link Fighter guide link click me

    From a novascotian


  • Welcome Deophyte to DBOG Community forum.

    Crazy name mate and join DBOG Discord too just soo you can get faster and better support regarding game from staff members.

    I suggest you to check DBOG Forum Advertise and check guilds there, many are noob friendly too.

    PS: I would love to visit Canada sometime but it is TOO COLD even for me, I bet. haha


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