New Transformations

  • I would like to know if at any point in this games development if it is possible to add up to 2 or 3 Transformations for each class.

    For example Namekians:

    Normal,Super Namekian (like in the anime) but they would look the same but with buffed up stats, then the giant Namekian but the stats would have to be beefed up to support this.

    Humans:Super Saiyan ,Super Saiyan 2 ,or maybe even three but that would make an imbalance soo maybe not

    Majins:Evil Majin, Kid majin ,maybe even Gotenks buu (but I don't know how that will work.

    These are suggestions and I would just like to know your thoughts on them but I do have suggestions on how to obtain these transformations but I just want to know first whether this would be possible to add into the game in an update maybe next year when the game is fully released (I hope) :)

  • Well the Giant Namekian would have to be first because King Picollo had that skill and Picollo uses it in Dragonball, way way before he gets the Super Namekian form from DBZ.
    Super Saiyan 2 would be good to have in it, would add a lot more playability to the human race.
    Buu transformations would need a lot more thinking out as Kid Buu would be the ultimate form (as it is for Majin Buu) but could include Evil Buu and Raging Evil Buu (just before he turns to Kid Buu).

    None of the transformations would unbalance the game if they were properly thought out. It would require a lot of planning to emphasize the right attributes in each class.

  • As alot of other Threads were made about this.
    But, I still like the idea, however, it is impossible to make, they basically need to REMAKE every class because adding another transform isnt justs the design and stats gain... IT IS ALOT OF HARD WORK!
    And this team has literally like the lowest amount of workers in it to REMAKE or MAKE an online game! So maybe this will be possible after this team has expanded to about 10x its size now!

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