Dbo Global [V1.50] Sublime Sound Mod [Ost Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z & Super]

  • Hello 8)

    Here is my sounds mod for dragonball online global with original dragon ball, dragon ball z and dragon ball super OST.
    Work is in progress but there's a few sounds change in this version as u can see.
    Sound Changes:
    aura super saiyan , aura kaioken ( loop ) , aura charge ( elec ) , super kame ( original ) , jump (women human) , jump landing ( frieza style ) , mod a lot of city & field area , duel song ( aka ultra instinct song) , dash, tranformation super saiyan , transformation kaioken

    Version 1.00 : First release

    Version 1.10 : Optimized size and normalized sounds 80% Bgm done
    Version 1.50 : Current Release ( link in video description )

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  • Great job man ! The only thing that needs a change is the sound when your legs touch the ground after jumping , sounds like Freeza's and Cell's footsteps.

    Perfection is not attainable, but if you chase perfection you can catch excellence :thumbup::thumbup:


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  • Thanks Everybody

    First the "general jump landing" is a Cell / Frieza style because it's a choice i LIIIKKKEEE IT !! It's a kind of LIKE A BOSS jump landing

    Second the dash : i have the right dash sound But i think about this cool sound effect is a must have for dragon ball ambience.

    Namek or Majin will never heard this sound so i choose the teleport sound to be the dash for all player and u will listen to it every time a char near you or you is dashing.

    For those 2 points i can put the right sound u want in the final version.

    I added some sounds like all basic attacks & sounds jump for all classes.

    For Bgm i have to adjust some volumes.

    I think about change the map sound ( when you push M ) with the scouter's bip , good idea ???

    If u wanna a skill/bgm/effect sound to be modded tell me so i can add it ;)

  • Gib me gib me gib me gib meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! What kind of tools do you use? Only the resource tool? Or the soundpatcher as well? Please add me on discord or join the general modding server, i'd like to have a chat sometime.


  • Neat! I got a tool for you that you can use to patch multiple sounds at once instead of the ususal annoying one by one methods you got to make use of if you use the resource tool. If i meet you in the server or on discord i'll send you it right away. Should save you at least 30 minutes of finding and replacing files xD.

  • Sounds great! cant wait for it to be released, just some suggestions (maybe someone else already said them but oh well)
    1. the dash sound effect: i like it but i suppose you already know its the sound effect of the IT
    2. the duel music: love it ofcourse but as someone already said before, it would be more fitting for long-lasting bosses maybe for "BOSS" monsters or CC bosses, maybe TMQ or Ranked/budokai

    other than that i like everything, great job choosing the music for the maps, would be nice to farm listening to it

  • For the duel music i can put it for bosses too

    This bgm is so cool that we can have it in multiple circumstances like bosses of course

    I put this ultra instinct bgm is that we can listen to it without doing a boss , like the noob lvl quest to do a duel and woawww the music !!!!

    I thinked about add it in budokai BUT i think about the stress this music will get some players but yes we can add it ;)

    TP sound is my personal mod for dash moov since i played on TW , because i want a namek/majin to hear the tp sound when he wants

    Not only when a TP because it will be boring like the original dbo sounds :p

    For all classes sake's :)

    Thanks for liking it , i try to make the best dbo bgms/effects environment to enjoy a little more our favorite game ;)

    See you next days for some news and maybe a release v1.00

  • I did this some time ago. I really like this music way more because it fits with an epic battle and with a mundane battle at the same time. It gives players courage and increases their sense of fighting spirit, thats why i picked that theme. Its a theme from Bodukai 3.