Dbo Global [V1.50] Sublime Sound Mod [Ost Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z & Super]

  • Hello guys

    Thanks for your support, i met some players ingame who uses my mods and thanks me !

    You are welcome !!

    As all of you know tonight it's the lvl cap 60 update !!!

    That mean Sublime mod UPDATE too !!!


  • Psykill

    Changed the title of the thread from “Dbo Global [Preview] Sublime Sound Mod [WORK IN PROGRESS] [Ost Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z & Super]” to “Dbo Global [V1.50] Sublime Sound Mod [Ost Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z & Super]”.
  • En la descripción del vídeo no hay nada amigo! Déjanos el LINK y como instalarlo.

    Just checked video's desciption and link is there in other words you need press on video's name to open it via YouTube, under YouTubers name/upload date is description, there you need press show more and scroll a litte for a link. And for how use sound mods is simple, just replace current sound pak files with mod ones and you can now play the game.

  • For anyone who wants to download, best mirror is filecloud.io or free.fr, rest is really shitty, a lot of ads and slow DL speed.

    Psykill mate - i am very grateful and proud of your work. You have changed and refreshed climate of this game, bringing back best sound effects and BGMs. I have original 3CD's BGM from Dragon Ball Z, if you want to check it i can upload it for you. Really big congratulations and big respect for amazing work!


    /edit: I've uploaded BGMs :)


  • crazyyy91 you're welcome and thanks for your support

    I have all originals dbz bgm but i will check your files when i will have some times and maybe find some good bgms.

    Like i always say all Dragon ball online Global player have to try my mod because it's the true Dragon ball sounds we wanna

    It change the climate of this game and you can feel you are in dragon ball :)

    I'd like to make a manga version with all best anime bgm but too much work to find all the bgm to fit with the area ( maybe one day )

    I will for sure make others updates of this mod

  • I replaced my sound paks with your mod. The sound effects, especially SSJ and Kamehameha are amazing. When I heard Solid State Scouter playing as the bgm I got chills. Very nostalgic. Thank you Psykill and great work!

    • Fighter: Kalifula
    • Swordsman: Son

    I make mods for DBOG sometimes.


  • Could you make a reduced version where you only modify the sound of the ki load and the character jump? :/ , is not that I do not like the full mod, but not to modify the sound of the original hits and the original soundtrack or the original dash :S, but if it's good the new load of ki and the jump of the character 8)

    @Psykill   :thumbup:

  • (I'd like to anticipate my apologies, as I'm using an xD translator)

    I liked it, I installed it in my game, but I wanted to give a small opinion if you accept suggestions for modifications.

    Well, I think some of the songs or sounds used are very sharp, for example: a sound used in the fight with basic attacks, try to change that sound more like a beat between two fists, it gets a little tired. Try to change the songs very agitated, the DBO has calmer songs in the maps, in spite of which you added are nostalgic, after a while it gets annoying to listen to the music again, especially when you are walking here and there doing missions. Try to put the songs with the low sound at the beginning and then increasing, as this will make the music change easier and I'm sure it will improve.

    take a look at a game that works offline made by fans: Zeq2 (lite) also has other versions.

    This game was made by fans and has several characters of Dragon ball in it, and its files are easy to be exploited, I think it is a good source for you to get new sounds.


  • Could you add to all kamehamehas the sound of songoku german dub? Its the best voice ever. Look up youtube. son gohan raum von Geist und zeit.in this video son goku does the best kamehameha ever made

    And the scream too?