My few suggestions after playing for two weeks.

  • So I’ve been playing for two weeks now and I would like to present a few suggestions that You might want to consider.


    - give a faster fuel to the scooter in the first box. The beginning o leveling is a pain in the ass because of the movement speed. Just limit it to 1-2 days so players will have to buy one if they wish to use one later.

    - underline main quests. It would be handy to have the main story quest line in a special colour like idk. Purple so that players who only want to get necessities like dash and flight can get those quests and then focus on speed leveling on mobs.

    - revise experience in some quests. Seriously some quests have ridiculously low exp respective to their task. For example an escort quest during late lvl 40s which gives you 5-6k exp but takes 10 minutes. Any player will choose to instead kill mobs for 10 minutes which will yield a lot more exp. I know revisiting every quest is a slow process but at least have it on your to-do list. It’s a medium priority thing I guess, bugs being high priority. Remember though that if the quests don’t feel rewarding, it will discourage many many players to keep playing. If you want people o farm, the entire end-game is a farm fiesta.

    - increase the pool of acceptable quests.

    Cash Shop;

    - add name change item

    - add subclass change item

    - remove lvl 1-29 exp scroll - it’s a trap for newbies. You get these in the level boxes and you do get plenty of them.

    Auction House:

    - let us search by item effects - please god

    - let us place items in the AH for longer than 24 hours.

    - fix the sorting within the Sell tab

  • Faster fuel : You eventually get one in a quest at those levels - the red one. It's pretty good and lasts for 7 days.

    Cash Shop: A subclass change item would probably be a bit buggy and would have to be something the team discusses over a period of time. I can't really comment here.

    There is a name change item.

    Lv1-29 exp scroll is a trap for newbies I ain't gonna lie.

    Auction House: The auction house is a mess atm because some things aren't properly translated yet - once they get it sorted I'm sure they'll start working on improving it.

    I agree with u on that quest thing though, I basically grinded level 43-55 because the quests are garbage. Did some UD3 first room spam for a few levels, but that isn't viable for every class, because nobody wants to carry a single target dps. Have you tried TMQ4? It gives a decent bit of XP for the time taken and it has a chance to drop some pretty sweet gear.

    But I think important quests like the flight quest are already made more visible in your journal once you pick them up though, although I'm not entirely sure - it's been a while since I've done a quest.

  • Yes I realize you get the faster fuel later but the point is to have it from the beginning since that’s the slowest progressing period due to walking and extremely demotivating.

    The fact that you’re not sure if the main quests areunderlined proves that even if they are - it’s done incorrectly since nobody knows.

  • I agree with you on the questing, but you can kinda manage getting to level 30 in one day, but I see how tedious that can be when you first start out playing this game.

    About the subclass changer, I highly doubt it will get added.

  • Hi opel65,

    Thanks for your feedback i really appreciate it, the sub class change might be available through the website in the future but it's still under discussion so it's not 100% sure or maybe by item as we already worked on gender change.

    The EXP scrolls for level 1 - 29 gives you 200% bonus while the EXP scrolls from the gift box gives you 100%.

    The name change item is already there.

    As for the quests you're right, at level 45+ they don't feel kind of rewarding so i will make sure to forward your suggestion to the developer.

  • Maybe he refers to the General EXP Boost (30%) also included in the General Practice Capsule. I am not sure how many 100% 2H Scrolls you are given by gift boxes but it should be around 20? that's plenty enough for new players to get to adult quest.

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