Achievement System Ideas

  • maybe can copy the achievement that others mmo-rpg have, like:
    reward according to time played,
    reward according to mobs killed in a week,
    reward if u cash more than 500usd in one hour XD.

  • Have

    - Exclusive costumes/skins at some big achievement point milestone
    - Between small milestones have small zeni rewards - exclusive currency for a new NPC that sells useful items.

    - Make achievements account-shared so people won't abuse

    - Titles obtainable after major achievement is completed

    - Exclusive items that have no impact in pvp-pve and are designed to use for fun only (ex. dance book - big head potion - firework box - body color change (temporarily))

    - Exlusive icons next to name based on achievement point count

    - Actually useful items on hard achievements (for example do CC70 30 times for 10 boxes)

  • These titles should have effects as well though.


    - Kill 100x Raditz and receive title "Saiyan Slayer" (3 DEX)

    - Kill 5000x Mobs and receive title "Casual Farmer" (1 Skill CD Reduction)

    - Kill 10000x Mobs and receive title "Professional Farmer" (3 Skill CD Reduction)

    - Kill 15000x Mobs and receive title "Farmer with Shotgun" (5 Skill CD Reduction)

    and so on....

    Effects can still be adjusted

  • It should be for levels too. To get an extra reward.


    Lv 10 = get the title "Beginner"

    Lv 20 = get an extra mystery dogi capsule

    Lv 30 and subclass = get a decent sub-weapon

    Lv 40 = get the title "Special Student" or something like that

    Lv 50 = get special equipment and weapon or exp boosters

    Lv 60 = get the title "Expert"

  • I want see Achievements for these things:

    • For using Tier 1 Dragon Balls
    • For using Tier 2 Dragon Balls once
    • For using Tier 2 Dragon Balls 10 times
    • For using Tier 2 Dragon Balls 25 times
    • For using Tier 2 Dragon Balls 50 times
    • For using Tier 2 Dragon Balls 100 times
    • For using Tier 2 Dragon Balls 250 times
    • For using Tier 2 Dragon Balls 500 times
    • For using Tier 2 Dragon Balls 1000 times
    • For using Tier 3 Dragon Balls once
    • For using Tier 3 Dragon Balls 10 times
    • For using Tier 3 Dragon Balls 25 times
    • For using Tier 3 Dragon Balls 50 times
    • For using Tier 3 Dragon Balls 100 times
    • For using Tier 3 Dragon Balls 250 times
    • For using Tier 3 Dragon Balls 500 times
    • For using Tier 3 Dragon Balls 1000 times
    • Earning your race transformation
    • Earning first Shenron Buff
    • Earning all Shenron Buffs
    • Achievements for each TMQs/UDs, difficulties and many times done like Dragon Balls above
    • Achievements for reached levels like Killua suggested
    • Some Achievements for Solo players
  • Add daily login and when it is done, the players can choose between either 2 green or 2 purple (the u stones will depend on their lvl) or a dogi capsule and all the items are binded.



    Jr Master of FusionFall

    11_small.pngFighter lvl60: DangerLord54

    18_small.pngTurtle lvl44: RangerLord94

    20_small.pngPoko Priest lvl17: SpeedLord24

    19_small.pngShadow Knight lvl1: TankLord14

  • - Make 10,000x TMQ => Title: Time Traveller;

    - Defeat 100,000 monsters => Title: Hunter;

    - Defeat 1,000,000 Boss monsters => Title: Professional Hunter a exclusive Hunter Dogi;

    - Defeat 10,000 Boss monsters => Title: Boss Hunter;

    - Defeat 1,000,000 Boss monsters => Title: Professional Boss Hunter a exclusive Hunter Accessory;

    - Craft 500 times => Title: Apprentice;

    - Craft 10,000 times => Title: Crafter;

    - Craft 1,000,000 times => Title: Craft Master;

    - Win 1,000 Duels => Title: Warrior;

    - Win 1,000,000 Duels => Title: Gladiator and a exclusive Gladiator Dogi;

    - Upgrade 1,000,000 times successfully => Title Upgrade Master;

    - Play 1,000 hours with a class => Title: Class Master (EXEMPLE: 1,000 hours as Poko => Title: Poko Master);

    - Play 1,000 hours as a Kid => Title: Kid4Ever receive a Kid Clock;

    - A title given to players who have made outstanding contributions in the DBOG community.

  • My idea for achievement is that.

    -Kill 30x event boss level 41-50 different bonus for each race.

    - Majin "I'm not fat" Mighty Majin ( 5 FOC ) | Wonder majin ( 5 SOL )
    - Human "One Punch" Martial Artist ( 3 DEX ) |Turtle Hermin ( 1% ene crit ) | Crane Hermit ( 1% phy crit )
    - Namek "Namekian" Dragon Clan ( 3 CD Reduction ), Warrior ( 3 CON ).

    -Kill 50x event boss level 51-60 different bonus for each race.

    - Majin "Pure Majin" Mighty Majin ( 3 CON ) ( 4 FOC ) and ( 3% Movement Speed )
    - Human "Super Human" ( 5 CD Reduction ) ( 3 % Movement Speed ) and ( 4 ENE )
    - Namek "Super Namekian" ( 3% Attack Speed ) ( 3 Properties Attribute ) and ( 4 CON )


    DBO Taiwan

    19_small.png Waris - 70

    11_small.png GrayFighter - 70

    DBO Global POB

    19_small.png Waris - 70
    13_small.png Miczi - 70

    DBO Global

    19_small.png Waris - 60

    DBO Global 2.0

    13_small.png Waris - 70


  • 1.Clear all TLQ TMQ UD DOJON (hard) and EVENTS Boss, Bee, etc (except ccdonjon it's very hard to reach 150 floor)

    2.Reach level 60

    3.Reward = GET a beautiful AURA (differente of budokai's or ccdonjon one's) it must be NICE for people who can't paticipate at any budokai

    or buy an aura at bee npc or other

    New dbog : Ryuuzaki /Gast / Okane /Ikari

    Old dbog : Sangoku / Hikarii / Izanamii

    TW : Gokussjjr

    Last day of DBOTW 31/10/2013 ;( :

  • There are 3 unreleased titles that come to mind, which are pretty cool to have (they each have a rotating animation above the player's head, and give some good-ish stats.

    Obviously, they should be character bound, as the achievements in order to obtain them will be possible for any Solo Players.

    Have it either be PvP or PvE related, or maybe even both.

    PvP : Related to Ranked Battles (however the Staff will have to do something about the current mudosa farmers, i'm sure there is still random people nobody knows with 150+ win streaks).

    PvE : Related to global farming (which you can clear on your own), such as creating new special loots that are spread among certain mobs, thus creating a totally new farming purpose, as people will obviously try to sell/buy these loots in order to craft their own title.

    Achievements :

    My idea would be to add a recipe of these titles through a Mudosa Exchanger NPC (thus adding the PvP part), and then having to craft them with some mobs loot (which could be added by Daneos on some mobs), zenys, etc... (now the PvE part)

    That would be the "harder" idea.

    The "easier" idea would simply be to make it another CCBD Craft, or put them through the Event Boss NPC, but that would be too repetitive in my opinion.

    That may not sound like a straight up achievement but i'm trying to push something already existing which could be very good for the game, it could be called an achievement just by the fact that it won't be easy to obtain.

    Rewards (titles) :

    God of Gamblers ( 2con, 60 hit rate )

    Lady Luck ( 2eng, 50 dodge rate )

    Lottery God ( 2foc, 60 success rate)

    Stats should be changed obviously, especially for the dodge rate one which might be too strong.

    My idea would be :

    God of Gamblers : 5 CON, 30 Hit Rate

    Lady Luck : 3 DEX, 25 Dodge Rate

    Lottery God : 3 FOC, 25 Success Rate

    What do you think ?

  • pls, fighters already have all these titles

  • Finish ALL quests possible for your class should give something special so that more players actually "play" the game and not just "powerlevel".. it shouldn't be something consumable(like boxes), it should be something that lasts and give players a nice boost.

  • Dogi Fan - Bought/Own 10 different dogi

    Time for Fashion - Bought/Own 25 different dogi

    Shopping Queen - Bought/Own 50 different dogi

    Forged Bounds - Be in a guild with 50 members for at least x hours

    Welcome to the family - Be in a guild with 75 members for at least x hours

    Together we are strong - Be in a guild with 100 members for at least x hours

    Tao's biggest fear - Done UD 50 times

    Dungeon Crawler - Done UD 100 times

    Underdog - Done UD 200 times

    I will edit some more if I can think of anything.

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