Need advice for Swordsman build

  • ToruChan

    Added the Label Swordsman
  • The energy attacks are pretty useless on a SM, also even though the first buff gives more dmg Might is a lot more useful on a SM whose only job is to crit. The major speed up buff is almost a mush after the change(30 CDR on lvl5). Glaring slash is a nice way to temporary increase your damage output plus it will be very useful when the cap is 70. Scintillation is good but if you don't intend to do PvP don't put it. Maxing the first 3 melee attacks is recommendable because the amount of increase in attack power an RP ball gives is really big (1000 on the first attack). I don't really care about stuns so do what you want. the hit rate buff is good because it gives additional 10% crit chance also kaioken is too good on SM. this is the build I will use:…0043500401350514500640000