[POLL] Changes in Poko Priest Pets

  • How should the skills from Poko Priest Pets work? 64

    1. Poko pets should use their skills themselves automatically. (16) 25%
    2. The player should use the skills manually. (48) 75%

    Hello DBOG Community,

    We are considering some changes regarding the pets from the Poko Priest class.

    The question is quite simple:

    Do you think it would be better if poko pets should use their skills themselves automatically, or should the player use the skill manually?

    Please vote and comment: remember that all forum rules apply in this topic.

    Kind Regards,

    DBOG Team

  • I'd say add a check box somewhere where the player can pick between both settings, but if we have to stick to one I'd go with manually (unless the pet has an incredibly smart AI)

  • Aru


    Hello people
    Although the pet needs some improvement, as atk soul, strength and speed are not working on animals, the animal's ability (awakening kami) can be altomatically,
    (Dragon God's Fury) Raising the pet's defense,
    (Rage of the Dragon God) Correcting the damage (as they are very low), and correcting the skill description,
    Pets attract monster,
    Animals attacking automatically (basic f),
    Basic skills the player has choices (if a monster attacks the animal, the animal attacks back with basic ataks) "I spent a lot of time as ( Poko S2 Race)"

  • * You can spawn pets during kamis retreats buff

    * One of the pet's skill now stuns the target and you can cast pet skills no matter if poko priest is under any way of cc (if the pet is crowd controled then you cant cast pet skills).

    Those are my suggestions that can improve poko class pvp wise (pve they are more than fine).

  • If I can manage the skills I can decide when I want the buff energy attack, taunt or the antistun, which are the most useful skills currently of the dragons.

    I hope you give some small enhancement to the pet's skills or statistics, (as soon as possible if you can fix the pet that are still bugged..)

  • Where is the option to both? The poko's pet should have an option on the skill and actions (like autoattack, stop or move to a place) to toggle between auto and manual each skill/action of the pet.

    firmakatekyo.png 19_small.png Shadow Knight..........Lv 60
    21_small.png Grand Chef................Lv 58
    18_small.png Turtle Hermit.............Lv 49
    22_small.png Karma.........................Lv 47
    14_small.pngDende Priest...............Lv 40
  • Detalhes

    Please manually for God's sake!

    Btw the pets need more improvement than that, as an increase in their damage which is quite low. They need things that make Poko be the summoner he is supposed to b

    Poko suffer beta beta pre-open, because they never look at poko, logico that only this in poko will not help much my friend
  • here is my suggestion for the skills of poko pets:

    - give them 4 "skills" each:

    - Tanky Dragon:

    1- Taunt ability that works on mobs 10 sec 15target,

    2- skill damage / stun player 5 sec 1 target, mobs 8 sec 1 target,

    3- skill damage in area 15Targets

    4-ability Anti-curses in area 5 targets (using even on effect of paralysis, fear, confusion).

    - Range Dragon

    1- damage / burn ability 1 target 5 sec

    2- damage ability in area 15 targets

    3- skill damage in area / knocked down 15targets

    4- increase ability of Energetic attacks and physical attacks in 150

    5 targets.

    Mistakes in skills,

    "(Kami's awakening) 40% speed corrected and working while using the skill (automatic use ability)"

    "Blitz working with Kami's awakening"

    buffs "soul, force, constitution, energy, focus and dexterity, running and accumulating in the animal"

    "can take any buff" " help me please come here and nobody appreciates the comment"

  • i like your idea about having 2 dragons. 1 for tank and 1 for DPS

    *the DPS one (Range dragon) do DoT damage for 10 sec like throw flame from his mouth and burn enemy.

    *the tanky one has alot of LP and taunt skills.

  • i like your idea about having 2 dragons. 1 for tank and 1 for DPS

    *the DPS one (Range dragon) do DoT damage for 10 sec like throw flame from his mouth and burn enemy.

    *the tanky one has alot of LP and taunt skills.

    Yes, I did both.
    more defensive and protective ...
    and the other more damage in the area, and a cooperation ...,
    has a provocation control, stun to deal better,
    and the other with the area control point as falls.
    It took me a while to stay like this, I even had to watch videos. " thank you "

  • Admittedly, I've never played a Poko Priest, so excuse my ignorance if you can, but as I see it, a pet like system such as that from World of Warcraft would be ideal. To clarify, this would imply 2 major concepts, as I see it:

    1) Players can manually use pet abilities, but also select 1 pet skill for it to automatically use whenever it comes off CD. The chosen ability should be clearly identifiable (make it glow or give is a shiny border). Limiting the automation to just 1 ability could be the right way to go as it prevents the pet from being fully automated and just being a "summon and forget" thing.

    2) The pet abilities should be able to be hotbound. I don't know if they already are, but there should be a way to use the abilities through a keyboard button, either through traditionally dragging and dropping them onto your normal bars, or adding a section to the controls specifically for pet abilities.

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