Poko "Pets" Improvement Ideas

  • Hello,

    I'm looking for ideas to improve the summon pets from the Poko class.

    I'm not looking for ideas how the Pet can solo kill any boss.

    I need decent ideas which would make the pet a better supporter for you.


    - change skills from damage to buffs, make them tanky, deal less damage & give debuffs to target.

  • Put their skills in the skill bar and make them manually usable with a cd of course. Also make the 130 E Att buff bigger cause right now you need to stand next to the boss to get the buff. (Dragon God's Rage)

  • Make melee dragon a tank that has high LP and defense, and give it taunt skill.

    Make the other one a DPS that deals damage to opponent. low LP and defense but give it DoT skills like burn, poison, bleed... Etc.

  • Make melee dragon a tank that has high LP and defense, and give it taunt skill.

    Make the other one a DPS that deals damage to opponent. low LP and defense but give it DoT skills like burn, poison, bleed... Etc.

    The melee one already has high def and a taunt skill.

    Put their skills in the skill bar and make them manually usable with a cd of course. Also make the 130 E Att buff bigger cause right now you need to stand next to the boss to get the buff. (Dragon God's Rage)

    With this upcoming maintenance, the skills will be in the skill-bar. But can not be used manually (yet). Only can enable/disable which skills should be used by the pet.

  • My idea is just to simply make the flying dragon dealing more damage and less lp ( as others say) and the melee dragon dealing less damage but a lot more tankier. Just simply make using the flying dragon would be more valuable in pvp, and the melee dragon in pve.

  • Make poko class can absorb dragons to give him 2 buffs.

    First buff a tanky one from the melee dragon and the second buff offensive one from ranged dragon. And don't make them stack.

  • I play as a poko summoner since TW. Before change the pets skills the poko should be able to manually use pet skills and select auto skill use as soon as it come off from cd. The summon stats need some up, a LV1 summon can't beat a mob lv 60 alone.

    My suggestion is to Improve the summon stats by 20% and reduce the SP to 4, summon LV1 should be what now is LV2(with stats and 1skill).

    summon god's fury skills

    1 - A type of taunt that protect the poko to be attacked.

    2 - Single stun.

    3 - Area atack 8-15 targets.

    4 - Single target curse like confuse.

    summon god's rage

    1 - DOT single target, I suggest poison or abdominal pain.

    2 - Area Paralyse 3s-5s 5 targets

    3 - Area atack 8-15 targets.

    4 - 150 energy atack buff 5 targets.

  • it would be nice if you could lock him on a skill and everytime that skill is done with its cooldown it will resuse it for you or upp the healing lp while fighting someone cuz your a strong char but you die quick so super armour or health regeneration would be nice just naming an idea that would be cool dont focus on me to much

  • [PL]Daneos , Aru , hello,

    here is my suggestion for the skills of poko pets:

    - give them 4 "skills" each:

    - Tanky Dragon:

    1 - Taunt ability that works on mobs 10 sec 15target 10m

    2- skill / stun damage 8 sec. 1 target,

    3 skill damage in area 8m 15Targets

    4-skill Anti-curses in area 5 targets (using the effect of paralysis, fear, confusion).

    -Dragon Range

    1 - Damage damage ability 1 target of 12 seconds

    2 - Damage ability in area 8m line 15 targets

    3 Area / Tip Skill damage 15 targets 15m

    4- Increase the capacity of energetic attacks and physical attacks in 150
    5 targets 10m

    Mistakes in skills

    "(Kami Awakening) 40% speed corrected and running while using the ability (automatic ability to use)"

    "Blitz working with the awakening of Kami"

    "soul, force, constitution, energy, focus and dexterity, running and accumulating in the animal"

    "can pick up any buff"

    "Animal can pull monsters with
    skills ("walk forward" according to the player's choice) "

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  • I would suggest these changes:

    -Dragon's God Fury:

    The super punch could does more damage and maybe that cause a stun of 2 seconds, cooldown 10-12 seconds.

    I would add 2 types of taunts: 1 single target and 1 aoe, so the pet can keep the aggro more often.
    I would change the AOE Spinning Skill making it "knock down" with a cooldown of 14-16 seconds.

    At the moment this pet (at lvl 5 maxed) has low energy defense, being a tank I'd raise the e. def at least 2000.


    I dunno sincerely about the skill that removes the debuff, I'vent had the opportunity to test it correctly..

    -Dragon God's Rage

    I would increase a bit his damage, currently it does very little damage, and considering that it's the DPS Pet.

    I'd change his skills with DOT damages, for example:
    l'd make the skill that casts 2 "disks" with bleeding damage.

    The fiery breath with "burn damage". It's a dragon why not makes him do scald damage?

    The last skill, "the explosion", should deal more damage, maybe that causes a slowdown of a few seconds to the enemies.

    Instead about the skill that increases the energy attack is currently very useless.. It lasts 2 seconds and gives 120 enegery attack approximately... I think a good buff could be that this skill gives you and your party 10-20% SOL for 1 minute.

  • I like the idea where you unlock other skills by putting more sp on the pet , other suggestion can be...

    tanky pet:

    -give defensive buffs like dark warrior to the party for x seconds

    -give buff invincible for x seconds to protect party (this can help for reflect too)

    attack pet:

    -give more damage base like instead 130 , give 10 - 15% or more

    -give % crit maybe 100% for x seconds (this double crit damage for few seconds)

    it can be also good if death of pet and poko are separate so the pet can still give buffs even poko is dead


  • The most important thing for me would be to be able to summon 2 pets at once and 0 cast time for pvp. God's Fury is okay, I just think the taunt should be in the area and change the punch skill that is very useless for a similar one to DW's dragon's protection. God's Rage should be an attacking pet.

    God's Fury;
    1 - Taunt in area;
    2 - Attack in area with hit-hit debuff;
    3 - Buff increase F.def. and E.def - cost of pet's life

    God's Rage
    1 - Single target with debuff of e. defense;
    2 - Mult target atack with a Dot;
    3 - Buff energy atack or atack speed;

  • Detalhes

    On the status screen, you can see a session in

    orange: dragon - physical

    blue: dragon - energetic

    White: Follow both.


    -If the animal follows

    -tanky following the physical lake 30% of Poko

    - spear fire in the energetic lake 30% poko

    then the state would not be so weak

    dragon spear fire: lv 1 dragon tanky: lv 1

    pasted-from-clipboard.png   pasted-from-clipboard.png

  • Neither Pokos nor their pets should be full-on tanks nor DPS. Those roles should be filled by DWs/SKs and humans. They're a utility class at heart, so giving them and their pets a focus on utility should be a priority.

    Ideally pets would get a list of manually commandable skills. The current system of them randomly using whatever they feel like makes them too situational and unreliable. Here's some ideas for skills I had, if you think you can implement it.


    196.png Poko Priest:
    Pokos themselves will want some change to better get to use their pets.

    186.png First Law of the Hearthstone

    - Cooldown nerfed from 6 seconds to 40
    - Now stuns(stiffness-type) for up to 6 seconds.

    Pokos are a little infamous for being one of those crap PvP classes. If we're buffing their pets, it only makes sense to give them a stun long enough to let them summon their pet in PvP.


    Kami's Awakening
    - Physical Defense buff removed, replaced with Aggro Increase by 200%
    - Attack speed buffed from 40% to 55%.

    - Movement speed increased by 30%.

    I'm sure we can agree pets do garbage damage. It'd be dumb to boost them to MA levels of damage, but giving pets a decent speed boost and retain more aggro would be good. Movement speed will also make pets feel more responsive.


    193.png Dragon God's Fury(Tank Dragon)
    This physical dragon always seemed like the tankier of the two. It's main use should be to keep enemies off you.

    193.png Dragon Roar: Self-buff; 1:00 duration, 1:00 cooldown |
    Increases aggro generated by skills by 5000.(he doesn't have many skills)
    193.png Draconic Presence: Taunt ; 0:15 duration; 0:40 cooldown |
    Single-target taunt, lowers target physical defense by 20%
    193.png Dragon Stomp: Knockdown AoE. 0:03 cast time; 0:40 cooldown |
    Deals 240% physical damage on 8m radius around self, knocks down targets. (If knockdown is impossible, prevent them from fighting for 5 seconds instead, similar to a Turtle's Consecutive Discs)
    193.png Dragon Growth: Self-buff; 5:00 duration; 0:20 cooldown |
    Boosts physical defense by 950 and physical attack by 80.


    194.png Dragon God's Rage(Flying Dragon)
    Seems like a less defense-oriented dragon. Should probably have more offensive options.

    194.png Fire Flare: AoE attack; 0:10 duration | 0:20 cooldown | Deals 160% energy damage on 8m radius around self. Inflicts 70% burn damage per 2s.

    194.png Energy Flare: AoE EP heal; 0:32 cooldown| Recovers 1500 EP on 12m radius around self on all allies.

    194.png Attack Flare: AoE Buff; 0:20 duration ; 0:30 cooldown |Increases Physical+Energy Attack by 15% on 12m around self on all allies.

    194.png Fright Flare: AoE debuff; 0:04 duration ; 0:50 cooldown |Inflicts Fear and slows movement speed by 80%. AoE 8m radius around self.

  • Begin with fixing the Kami's Protection skill. In TW this buff ended when its duration ended, and here the buff ends when they cause us equal or more damage than it protects. This buff worked reflecting damage throughout its duration for more than it no longer protected once the damage was done. If the skill lasts 1.18 sec that is what has to last, currently works the same as the Mighty Shield: /. Here is a proof of that. The buff in the DW works like it should

    They should also fix: buffs from other classes do not work on pets. In TW when one gave him ultimate buffs, chef, and more. These worked giving them more Lp, Def, Att ...

    This is a class that should be used equally effectively following a build focused on pets, it is sad that someone uses this class to have pets and that in the end he realizes that they do not serve much more than a Puar xD