Poko "Pets" Improvement Ideas

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    Fúria do Deus Dragão (Tanque Dragão)


    insultar em

    10m 32 alvos

    duração 8 seg, Cd 25 seg


    Danos 200%

    10m 32 alvos

    diminui as defesas de 20% dos inimigos

    duração 5 seg, Cd 20 seg

    Tambor de coração

    250% de dano por atordoamento

    um alvo

    distância 3m

    duração 3 seg, cd 15 seg


    Um lustre de imunidade a confusão, medo, paralisia

    10m 32 alvos

    duração 5 seg, Cd 20 seg.


    Raiva do Deus Dragão (Dragão Voador)

    Soco azul

    Dano 250%

    uma paralisia de alvo

    distacia 35m

    2 seg Cd 10 seg

    Blue Beat

    Danos 230%

    200 de dano pontual 2 sec

    5m 32 alvos

    distância 35m

    duração 8 seg, Cd 15 seg

    Remake Azul

    Danos 200%

    que dá

    10m 32 alvos, Cd 16seg

    Golpe azul

    aliados: Aumenta o dano 130

    inimigos: diminui a velocidade de movimento em 50%

    duração 5 seg Cd 10 seg.


    Despertar de Kami

    aumenta defesa por 927

    aumenta a velocidade de ataque 40%

    "imunidade a cair"

    Alvos de 10m para animais de estimação

    Duração seg 2.00, Cd seg 2.00.

    As habilidades são boas?

    alguma sugestão?

  • that's too OP bro.

  • mostre-me uma situação op:(, poko, manual o poko não é fácil de jogar, tanto em mente que para fazer o jogo gerar um combo, já que como outras raças e classes estão dando Hks e combos X (. Deixar uma sugestão ou crítica construtiva;)

    poko has OP speed but its pets need a bit improvement not too much.and tell me does people who plays with fighter use even a combo ?

  • Eu testei em (Tatami) e (Fazenda de Papais, (Chefes), testes com animais nível 5, na prática não será Op

  • Detalhes

    poko tem velocidade OP, mas seus animais de estimação precisam de um pouco de melhora não muito. e me diz que as pessoas que jogam com lutador usam até mesmo um combo?

    lutador um crit, um hit kill

    by the dragon clan has the worst speed of the game, and poko uses it (its 25% buff and good, but will only adjust the delay of the first weapon) the second weapon that helps a little (I do not see poko good speed but personal use because is a damage to the bosses, mainly by ccdg), their ability and weak damage, and the pet can choose a combination like any other, but in my opinion about the time of the skills that I was able to adjust, I read the description of the ability of each animal, and some think, and discovered this solution

  • Pokos in general need a major change, not just their pets. With the right buffs a Poko can become a PvE party's main tank AND main DPS. Yet they're crap at PvP, and can't heal EP which makes them unuseable as healer entirely. I have some skill ideas so they can fit the role of support-healer.


    196.png Combat Mastery

    -Decreases Skill Cooldown time by 28. | Lvl1 = 5 | Lvl2 = 8 | Lvl3 = 12 | Lvl4 = 16 | Lvl5 = 21 | Lvl6 = 28

    -Increases Skill Speed by 20% | Lvl1 = 2% | Lvl2 = 5% | Lvl3 = 8% | Lvl4 = 12% | Lvl5 = 16% | Lvl6 = 20%

    -Decreases skill cast time by 0:50 | Lvl1 = 0:10 | Lvl2 = 0:15 | Lvl3 = 0.20 | Lvl4 = 0.25 | Lvl5 = 0.35 | Lvl6 = 0.50

    Instead of giving LP+SOUL, which solidified Pokos as tanky DPS' who don't need pets, this helps them heal and act faster without having to equip cooldown. Healing Wave would be instant, and the added skill speed makes them more reliable. They'd also be much more dangerous in PvP thanks to speed combining with cooldown.(which would also drain even MORE EP, which is why I recommend the skill below)

    345.pngKami's Retreat

    - WHILE ACTIVE: Recover 300 EP every 2 seconds at lvl1. Lvl2 = 500EP.

    Pokos had no reason to use this before, being tanky DPS' with useless pets. This buff will help them farm and rectify mistakes. Keep in mind this self-buff only lasts for 15 seconds, stops all actions while active, and has a 4 minute cooldown. At most you'll heal 3500 EP if you do nothing for 15 seconds, though your pet can still fight.

    188.png Demon Stone Flash
    - Range increased from 3m to 10m radius.

    This move looks cool, but it's area of effect and damage are pathetic. Let's at least make it reliable for utility. If Poko pets get a manual AoE to combine with this, it could allow effective farming. Might give them a slight party PvP buff too


    44.png Kami's Belief (Extra idea for Party PvE variety)
    -Changed from 35 SOUL buff to single-target instant EP heal. Heals 1000 EP.
    -Cooldown = Lvl1: 0:25 | Lvl2: 0:20 | Lvl3: 0:
    15 | Lvl4: 0:10

    The 35 SOUL buff wasn't that important, but you could buff 197.png Increase Spirit to 70 SOUL to compensate.

    Heals 1000 EP to a single target. Leveling it only lowers cooldown. It should have an "RP Power Up" function, and of course scales with e.attack like your heals. (If you had 1000 e.attack, you'd heal 2000EP per use) Together with buffers' EP skill, you could now use Pokos as a riskier/weaker alternative healer, except they have some extra support options. Alot more people, especially on a casual level, could then find viable parties.

    As for the issue of attack speed itself...let's not address that here.

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    I do not see why putting anything in the skills of poko, passive and animal would be more correct, in the rest the game will balance

  • the description of the passive master is talking about the animal doing the poko's work, increasing speed and reducing the probability of damage to the animal, a better chance to hit, a talque pro animal, the animal as weak in the game as a light already leaves in the lament ...

  • that's too OP bro.

    Not at all, a summon die with only one Human hit, the summon need better skills, more dmg, life and def. They are useless in the meta right now. Im Beeshop you can sen me in the budokai sometimes.

    The only dmg skill that poko has is from dragon clan. The summon really need a huge update not a little thing, something like 3x or even 4x time bost compared with what they are right now. A summon lv5 skill deal in a char +10 less than 500dmg, that is nothing, the summon is supposed to compensate the poko dmg cap.

    So increase the summon stats by 3x or 4x times, made than controllable and later if possible change they skill set.

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    De maneira alguma, um summon morre com apenas um hit Humano, o summon precisa de melhores skills, mais dmg, life e def. Eles são inúteis na meta agora. Eu sou Beeshop você pode me mandar no budokai às vezes.

    A única habilidade de dmg que o poko tem é do clã do dragão. O summon realmente precisa de uma grande atualização, não uma coisa pequena, algo como 3x ou até 4x de tempo em comparação com o que eles são agora. Uma convocação de habilidade de lv5 em um char +10 a menos de 500dmg, isso não é nada, o summon supostamente compensa o limite de poko dmg.

    Portanto, aumente as estatísticas de evocação em 3x ou 4x vezes, seja mais do que controlável e, se possível, mude o conjunto de habilidades.

    and that I see, sometimes people come here talk about poko but never had one or already played with a lv high, the antenna of the bean now has a later time becomes inutl, then I mounted some skill pro animal, I'm asking the even if Daneos is a constructive criticism in my post, because to come here and to speak that is going to stay this is going to be this and not to help without speaking what can improve or to take ..., to count here is not lack common sense.

  • I like the Kami retreat idea of giving ep but skill needs to be lower cd

  • I like the Kami retreat idea of giving ep but skill needs to be lower cd

    If poko gets an EP recovery skill then dende won't be needed in CCBD, maybe make it self cast.

  • If poko gets an EP recovery skill then dende won't be needed in CCBD, maybe make it self cast.

    You have to remember that poko heal 4.5k, thats not even close to a dende, so about the idea of giving poko some ep skill...thats not necessary at all, poko is not a healer, the heal that poko have is for him and the summon, you just need to manage ur ep, you can't spam heal all the time.

  • If poko gets an EP recovery skill then dende won't be needed in CCBD, maybe make it self cast.

    kami retreat is a singular skill which protect poko from targetting him ... even if poko get some ep skill like on buffer, he never can replace dende,

    which has increase the effect of recovery skills by 800%.

    the ideas are many but the possibilities are limited what a pet can do to support poko is:

    -buff poko

    -debuff a npc/player

    -supporting poko to attack a npc/player enemy but pet need more damage, actually very low even speed is bad

    other ideas can be changing skills in poko class to buff own pet for specific purpose

    but really actually pets are useless even in pve.

  • If poko gets an EP recovery skill then dende won't be needed in CCBD, maybe make it self cast.

    Why should a Dende be needed over a Poko, exactly? Dendes are the only subclass who can call themselves a requirement in all parties. Some subclasses can say they are preferable to another, and they're called OP, yet it's an issue if a Dende goes from "requirement" to "preferable"? If a Poko got a 1000 EP heal, Dendes would still be the ultimate healing class and far preferred for that role. They have nothing to fear from a single inferior alternative to themselves.

    Just look at DPS classes. They can be replaced by anyone thanks to attack speed parties. Even tanks can be replaced by tanky buffers or extremely well-geared people. I don't see the issue with a single alt healer, and I can't imagine many would jump to replace their Dende with a Poko to CC150.

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