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    if the pet is not of any type buffs or De-buffs, like paralysis, stun, it will be useless, poko has no skill, animal and a skill that has run time and also has high security to run, in no other way poko being unbalanced, is the animal with buffs in their abilities.

  • Hello

    I would like to talk a few things about the abilities of the poko animal, for those who did not get to see the description:

    Purple Flying Dragon


    This ability has damage and distance, and with a low cd, does that have to change?

    "in my opinion I think not personal",


    This ability has damage and distance in area, and with an average cd, does that have to change?

    in my opinion I think it's personal:

    putting a Dot of Abdominal or Burn, would be a good one for the poko to use there,

    Note: in the description it speaks that the animal using this ability makes the enemies suffer, it would not have pet motives not to have a dot ...


    This ability has damage in the area, and with a high median cd, does that have to change?

    in my opinion I think it's personal:

    the ability has a small damage, this does not help at all, could have some De-buff, think of a fall,

    Note: in the skill this animal writing has a charge of energy that reaches all and generates a good effect ...


    This ability causes an animal to advance to its enemies and hit it in an area with a medium high CD, does that have to change?

    in my opinion I think yes personal:

    The ability increases the damage of the group that is close to the enemy, does not make sense, I see this ability, it could be a De-Buff in an area slowing% movement, maybe it could include a reduction in damage%, nothing so abusive ,

    Note: Skill in description shows a speed reduction,

    My opinion would have made sense, much by the fact that "the animal advances to the enemies and uses"

    "It took time, but released the animal's skills to be seen."

  • Dragon of Fury


    This ability distances a target and, with a median cd, does that have to change?

    This ability can change:

    The ability attracts the attention of the enemy to the animal, can have a better duration and a larger Cd, also a decrease in the defense reaches the target, not abusively,

    My opinion The ability has only one target, and the duration is very low, and the target hit the owner of the animal (Poko or who has more attention) even the animal helping, could have a better duration and a larger CD,

    Observer: In the skill has a warning that attracts the enemy and the break, (the break can be varied, in view of a roughing without great importance)


    This ability with arena distance damage, with a low median cd, does this have to change?

    Can this ability change?

    The ability and the good would not be a radical change, the damage is not high, it has an area provocation along with skills,

    My opinion: having a provocation in the area would be more certain that it is an animal for Axilo Poko in the upar ... and in the group, the fact that he may not have to defend like a Sk or Dw,

    Observer: And usanda in the area nothing more ...


    This ability with average damage from a target, with a low cd, does that have to change?

    This ability can change yes?


    The ability has a medium damage, but the animal that has no damage, so it could have a stunning and a bigger Cd, I say more not so abusive,

    My opinion: the habildiade could rather have a clear stunning that a larger Cg for the animal to hold the enemy, which is their function ...

    Note: in the skill speaks that the enemy is struck very hard and sore, thinking of abdominal pain that in fact and stun ...


    This skill with distance in the area, with a low cd, does that have to change?

    This ability can change yes?


    The ability to heal paralysis and stun in an area of 10m, if you see the side of the animal that has no resistance (animal can be paralyzed or stunned, unable to use skill), also the low Cd of 1 sec,

    My opinion: if the animal can use the same skill in the effects with a high Cg because it also has to go to the enemies and use the ability,

    using this ability in a ccdg or some future event to help the group "use coperantivo" ...

    Note: Skill talks about paralysis without much explanation ...


    You can see a strong animal but the Poko is a summoning race, the secret and does not allow the summoning of the animal, is a fighter, you can not be distracted, then it will end up like you, swordsman behind you, will be lost, among other races and classes "Each has its function", doing this I think poko would be invoking, because even if poko has speed, if you add in the speed swordsman has the same speed or more, using SSJ and his glove does not has the worst speed (being 1100), Dragon Clan has the speed of 1400 (worst speed in the weapon), so the staff has no poko without a good speed, ability to accelerate and a buff for Axilium ...

    ^^ Thanks for reading my post I spent some time but I finished, hopefully good things, for such a depressed Class ...;)

  • As a main Poko player here are my idea.

    Few skills for both familiar:

    Dragon God's Fury, this familiar is a tank support pet.

    BUFF -Dragons Escort : Increase physical and energy defense by 319.

    *Buff is cast by the user (Poko) to any member of the party.

    *Cooldown : 1 minute.

    *Duration : 30 seconds.

    SKILL -Dragons Roar: Physical damage decreased by 15%. All enemies within 10m on 32 target are knockdown.

    *Skill is cast by user (Poko.)

    *Cooldown : 2 minutes.

    *Physical damage decreased by 15% duration, 16 seconds. DOES NOT STACK WITH HYPER BOMB.

    Dragon God's Rage, this familiar is a speed support pet.

    BUFF: Dragons Blitz Overload : Increase attack speed by 2% and movement speed by 2% over the speed cap.

    *Buff is cast by the user (Poko) all allies within 8m on 8 targets.

    *Cooldown : 1 minute .

    *Duration : 25 seconds.

    *This Buff DOES stack with Kami's Blitz and GoGo Mask making new speed cap for Humans and Majin 95% with 1100 speed rate gloves and 96% with 1220 speed rate gloves. For Dragon Clan, 98% with 1440 speed rate staff.

    SKILL: Dragons Screech : Energy damage decreased by 15%. All enemies within 10m on 32 target are knockdown.

    *Skill is cast by user (Poko.)

    *Cooldown : 2 minutes

    *Energy damage decreased by 15% duration, 16 seconds.

  • Put Spyro (dragon) as Dragon Ball pet lol.


  • My idea is just to simply make the flying dragon dealing more damage and less lp ( as others say) and the melee dragon dealing less damage but a lot more tankier. Just simply make using the flying dragon would be more valuable in pvp, and the melee dragon in pve.

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