improve the crane please now really sucks in pvp

  • thats because its too much work to get the class to compete with other classes. There are many other classes who are way cheaper and easier to gear and be successful with.

    You do realise a good crane can beat an SK and they dominate the budokai atm. Cranes hardly need good gear because their attacks don't rely on upgrades weapons expect a few skills, the only classes that are cheaper are karma and sk but not everyone wants to play them.

  • Sadly, as a main crane, the class play well but you need to rely a lot on gears. I remember on TW i could resist really much more than here*, that's the saddest thing cause a crane that plays on dot should not get caught. Anyway as other mentioned a turtle versus a crane have literally no chance o.o, the game is still far to get balanced but restoring lost in time will make crane so op and we don't need it, or a supreme nerf will occur XD

    Remember that cranes here got a huge boost, we don't need to wait the 30% time on the dot to use thousand slashes or spirit wave etc. like in retail

    * i mean to status alteration

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    He talks the talk but he never walks the walk.

  • hace mucho nerfearon el paralisis, pero supuestamente era porque lo compensarian con su gran daño.

    pero que hizo daneos, el aplico nerf también al DOT, ahora no tiene nada bueno, más que puro bleed haciendo los combos con cualquier error de dedo te matarian, otros personajes que tienen un comodín de 2 hasta 5 paralisis, antes habia forma de protegerse equipandose dex y la Resistence Rate.

    pero que hizo después daneos, también quizo nerfear el porcentaje de 100% a 60%, ahora no tiene ninguna ventaja a menos que los duermas, y apliques correctamente el combo pero también aunque hagas el combo completo llega a fallar por tener bajo Hit rate, minimo si no pensabas hacer un balance porque solo lo arruinas mas de lo que estaba en taiwan.

    minimo dejen el debuff que tenia antes de 3050 de defensa y el daño que tenia el DOT. o bien deberías hacer que la guardia funcione al 100% para poder evitar skills.

    o también que nos den una revista como el turtle, y porque las grúas no pueden tener esa ventaja?.

  • :( I've been looking at some topics here in the forum, and I see a lot of people asking for balancing Classes, I've been asking people to do this, want to play in the game with such a poor base, no defense, very low block, burn bad, be asking to get classes because skill is in a bad way ... are going the wrong way, everyone since the pre open beta was already knowing the crane even me, playing crane

    (nor did I create another because I already knew it would not be a good idea), "the game needs to get the base", is the game balanced in the class? do not know if it does not fit the base, what is the base :/ ?

    the defense, the counter attack, the avoidance, the hit, the damage of Soul and Str, here a topic :thumbup: : Guard,Defense Rate,Counter attack, Taunt, Break guard, Soul and Strenght

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  • Crane and use the defense, while Dot is in the Mobs, I think Agilit Armo was to have this function in either skill or Atk Basics, giving an improved defense ...

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  • If crane is really that bad, how did Tien manage to win Budokai?

    Crane hermit is good but it requires skills and changing gear.

    Some crane skills need change like Agile armor that gives 104% defense rate, how that will work and defense rate cap 20% that buff needs a change.

    Also the four skills like spirit wave have too much CD and the RP doesn't reduce it much it only reduces 10 sec at max. So crane needs a rework on these skills.

  • Tien shouldn't have been banned. What he was saying was taken out of context, don't spread more bullshit.

    Well he get ban for few days but he recharge so he get perma so how something was out of context?

    And if you think that you can get ban for "out of context" you have autism also, i like how you saying that no one know how to play we can go rank right now.

  • Well he get ban for few days but he recharge so he get perma so how something was out of context?

    And if you think that you can get ban for "out of context" you have autism also, i like how you saying that no one know how to play we can go rank right now.

    Is autism the only thing you can use to insult people? Of course I'll know If what he said was taken out of context especially if he's a friend of mine. I don't blame the GM'S because It's not easy to see that someone is being sarcastic through text but it is what is. My point is don't spread negative shit that you understand nothing about.

  • All of these threads about crane are really people crying because they don't know how to play the class.

    you only want evade the improve with this class. Be an expert who only presses a button to stun and feel op, using sk and karmas with 5 stuns.

    solo quieres evitar que mejoren esta clase. debes sentirte un experto que solo usas un boton para paralisar, usando personajes faciles como sk y karmas con 5 stuns.

    people who do not know how to use it simply change to the easiest class to use as turtle sk, karma, fighter, etc, I know perfectly how this character works and I know their weaknesses and strengths. and there are details like the stun that for more op you are not advancing.

    Las personas que no saben utilizarlo simplemente se cambian a la clase mas facil de usar como turtle sk, karma, fighter, etc, yo se perfectamente como funciona este personaje y conosco sus debilidades y fortalezas. y hay detalles como el stun que por mas op que seas no avanzas.