[EVENT] Scavenger Hunt! (MOVED TO July 21st)

  • Hello DBOG Community,

    It's time for Scavenger Hunt!

    Image from Gyazo


    The event will take place next Friday (July 20th) at 10 pm (CEST).

    How to win?

    For this event, I'll be hiding a character somewhere within the game world. I'll give a few hints about where he's hiding, and it will be your job to try and find him.

    Example on Hints (given through public notice):

    I'm a level 2 Namekian

    I'm in Channel 1

    I'm in the Yahhoi West Zone

    I'm standing next to a peach tree

    I'm in the western half of the zone

    I see some dogs

    I see a windmill

    I'm not on the ground

    I see a Popo stone

    What about prizes?

    Rewards will be revealed in the following days! We will award them to the 3 first players to find the hidden character.

    Hope you have fun! Please comment and give your suggestions, and keep it civil!



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  • Aru

    Changed the title of the thread from “[EVENT] Scavenger Hunt! July 20th” to “[EVENT] Scavenger Hunt! (July 20th)”.
  • 1 - I'd set one specific channel to host the event, I don't personally feel the idea of looking on the same exact places more than once.

    2 - Instead of rewarding the 1st 3 players to arrive at the character only the 1st player will receive the reward, this because the 1st player can provide clues to his buddies, they can even party up and know each other's location, tp to each other etc (Even though I am pretty sure you would notice if someone teleports in, but just so you can blink at ease).
    - Once the character is found hide another character in a different location where another winner will be chosen, and even a 3rd character after that if you will. This should make the event last a little bit longer and not be a mere 3 minute thing.

    Hopefully they'll grant you permission to spawn/delete special NPCs and modify their loot tables for more exciting events. Keep it up!

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  • 💯% Correct thing...

    This will be fair to all....

  • 1. Among the hints there will be the channel, as shown on the example.

    2. We will have more than one staff member monitoring activity, don't worry.

    3. Yes I agree with the different locations, I honestly think that would make it more interesting! Thanks for that suggestion!

    Great input Ebon, really appreciate it!

  • It makes the game so much funnier when the staff particupates and makes things happen and there are contests like this so cool! I really look forward to see dbo keep growing....

    I just wonder why the events have to be so planned out? Can't someone from the staff just randomly take iniciative and when playing make things happen? Making the game funnier at unnespected times... Prizes can always be simple as it could be super usefull for less lvl players and less for more experienced ones...is more about the fun of playing.

  • Please if you are rewarding stones, give them BINDED!, because the other time made the stones prices going really down!

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  • Hello,

    The event is tomorrow and here are the prizes!

    1st Finder = 10 boxes

    2nd Finder = 8 boxes
    3rd Finder = 6 boxes

    As suggested by Ebon we will have 3 characters hidden. We will announce the first one and slowly give hints for it until someone finds it and so on.

    Remember, any suspicious activity will result in a disqualification, so please play fair and have fun.

    Good luck to everyone and see you tomorrow! 8)

  • The reward could be better don't u think so at least a ticket f91 or something like that

    Perhaps if it was harder, but it's not like you're gonna be killing a Kraken or clearing CC150, it's a simple hide-n-seek event where all you have to do is fly around and beat the puzzle.

    If the crabgrass isn't cut at its roots it will keep growing back.

  • Hello everyone,

    Because of the current issues with login server I will have to move the scavenger hunt event to tomorrow July 21st 10 pm CEST, same hour.

    Sorry about the change but I'd rather wait until there is more stability regarding this matter.



  • Aru

    Changed the title of the thread from “[EVENT] Scavenger Hunt! (July 20th)” to “[EVENT] Scavenger Hunt! (MOVED TO July 21st)”.