Patch Notes - July 19th 2018

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    Before we get into today's patch notes, we'd like to let you know a bit of what's been going on behind the scenes.

    You might have noticed that there haven't been updates for a while now and that's because Daneos has been working on a big project/update for DBOG that will make a lot of changes possible, with several of those changes already coming included in the next BIG update.

    While we currently don't have a set date for when it's going to be released, we CAN assure you that progress is going fast and very smoothly!
    We believe you'll find it worth the wait. Stay tuned!


    • Miscellaneous

      • When changing item attribute and it fails while offering an item, a random attribute will be assigned.
        (Old: it set item attribute to none)
      • Dojo war request time changed from 2 hours to 15 minutes.


    • Couldn't buff party members in Scramble if the member wasn't in the same guild.
    • Target no longer stays frozen after using a second freeze, while target is still frozen.
    • Debuff states like Freeze no longer remain after relogging.


    Reminder that all forum rules still apply here. If you want to leave any suggestions and express your opinions, please do so in a civilized manner.

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  • Do you mean by big update lv 70 cap?

  • Good Job...big <3


    I am the bone of my sword
    Steel is my body and fire is my blood
    I have created over a thousand blades
    Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life
    Have withstood pain to create many weapons
    Yet, those hands will never hold anything
    So as I pray,Blade Works

  • And when we can buy cash? (Sorry my english is bad)

    You can buy it anytime. Just pay attention in your profile on official website.

    I suggest new event - who will guess correctly what kind of update it will be, he will get 5 boxes xD

    Actually I can't wait for it, because this week I was wondering about future of dbo global, and look, we have now cap 60 and with the story we are still on namek saga. I think we have to go further and put some story in near future. And I think that cell dungeon is missed. Freeza should be there :) with ssj skill it should fit perfectly (damn I must move this thread to suggestions xD). Good about is that next - android - saga could be finished without any special skill upgrade (like ssj2) to fit in the story (but ussj could be launched as second ssj (like kaioken).

    Thank you dbo staff for lots of amazing work!

  • There is a TMQ in west city that was gonna be android saga but sadly game got shut down years ago. So it's hard but not impossible. Like for example making that TMQ teleports you to west city, for bosses take Dr gero and the fat android from UD 2 and put them but making them harder.

  • Nothing new, nothing new Daneos can not understand that the game is delivered to the cockroaches, we want to see something that makes a difference in the game.

    The CC dungeon is ridiculous, he wanted to hinder the CC and practically deleted the possibilities of playing the CC dungeon, I am practicamnete full + 15 and this ridiculous to make the CC with 6800 of physical defense the c BOSS still has a very high life and an absurd damage, Daneos wakes up to expensive life you are killing the server, ending the players' will to play your server.

    It's time to end this Bread and Circus policy "

    Dude you are dreaming too much, the DBO team is usually managing to solve basic problems like the bloody defense of the bugged game, when you have 7000 defense and this does not mean nad apra a CC BOSS dungeon. You think they are going to add something new, he can not even set up the Pet of the POKO class right, do you think they can compete to add new things, and the old ones are still badly solved?

    Sorry man you're just a dreamer, this is not within reach of Daneos and his team

    I hope Daneos and his team are working hard to fix hundreds of bugs, one of them is regenration when you're beating, this option does not work at all, we should recover our life when we attack and nothing happens.

    Or fix the damn Grand Chief's EP reduction skil, it's simple stuff plus the Danoes team can not solve it either, the Poko reflect does not server, so if you get videos from CC Dungoen the blessed POKO is who held all the damages of the DC BOSS, here you can be FULL +100 and poko carry HK of the DC BOSS, this is ridiculous.

    I am venting here as the spokesman of the BRS of my guild, I know more than 50 people of my guild who stopped playing the game because of the neglect of Daneos.

    What White boxes to rotate the attributes?

    Nothing new in the game, just respect our opinion and make these and other changes or the game will eventually die in a few months.

  • DBOG team are working hard to fix bugs.

    Don't forget that there is only 1 developer not like retail dbo that has a whole team of developers. Daneos is working hard as he can so be patient.

    About adding new things, why not? After we have the game fixed from bugs, stable, added all floors cc, BIDs. Daneos gonna be free to add new things like new lvl cap, new maps like fran fran desert south, sky dungeon, DWC...etc...

    If we don't encourage him who would do, we should as a community help him like reporting bugs, give him suggestions, donating..

  • Seems you are using google translate and i cant get 1/2 of your message but i do understand you got you ass spanked by some CC boss and now you cry on forum that dungeon is too hard xD

    *You claim to have 6.8k phy def but do you know some bosses use energy attacks? Maybe thats why boss has "absurd damage" becasue you just dont use proper gear.

    *Very high life? I dont know what boss you are talking about. Just take strong people to your party and boss dies very quickly.

    CC Dungeon is not ment to be nice and easy for every player. Get better gear, watch videos, read guides and try again.

    Later there is something about Poko but i dont understand what you wanted to say :(

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