Looking for HQ Scans for Dragonball Manga

  • I was needing some help, I know a few ears ago (maybe longer) there was a guy named MofoGoku who was uploading high quality scans of the manga and cleaning up the translations. His wordpress website still has his work but it is unfinished. I found out there was another person ZQScans who was also uploading as well....but basically MofoGoku has volumes 01 - 24 and ZQScans has 29-34 .... so as you can see their still a bunch of volumes missing.

    Anyone know if anybody took it up and continued the work or no where I can get t he high quality scans that are missing?

    Well more bad news is that chapsters 29-34 links no longer work on ZQScans and he hasnt updated in years and is no longer doing it....anywhere I can at least get those ones?

    Torrents, links anything that can help.