Oozaru Event

  • Oozaru event should be made as a dungeon instance so it prevents players from getting crash or lag.

    -The dungeon should have 3 difficulties

    Easy, normal and hard.

    • Easy and normal for low levels and only be joined by low levels players.
    • For example if level cap is 70, easy mode for lvl 31-49, normal mode for lvls 51-59 and hard mode lvl 61-70.
    • The dungeon can only be joined by a certain NPC, respawned at certain time and for certain duration like 2 hours.
    • For the rewards i recommend to make it give EXP because it will be huge help for low levels.
    • Other rewards is from a shop in that NPC.
    • You have to spam the dungeon with your party to get Coins these coins you can buy items from the npc shop.
    • The rewards should be good, and it depends how much coins you need to buy that item.

    This way, the event would be more stable for all players and would prevent crashes, lag, channel offline.. Etc..

  • I like it

    Characters 1.0

    18_small.png Zindel (Lvl 60)

    15_small.png SaibBoo (Lvl 60)

    11_small.png Isen (Lvl 60)

    22_small.png SabitaBoo (Lvl 60)

    14_small.png Pamaor (Lvl 60)

    19_small.png ThePamaor (Lvl 60)

    6_small.png SabiBoo (Lvl 29)

    17_small.png ???????? (Lvl 60)

    Characters 2.0 (Test)

    19_small.png ThePamaor (Lvl 70)

    11_small.png Isen (Lvl 70)

    15_small.png SaibBoo (Lvl 51)