[EVENT] Screenshot Forum Contest

  • Hello DBOG Community,

    Sorry for the delay with the event threads, I have been kind of busy in real life. But here we are!

    Screenshot Forum Contest!

    How it works?

    This event is quite simple just take a screenshot in-game and send it to me through:

    - private message on forum: https://forum.dboglobal.to/wsc/index.php?user/23603-aru/

    - discord message: Aru#7408

    Please try to send it as high quality as possible so as to assess it better!

    (If you send through discord please don't forget to send me your forum account profile too)

    I will receive submissions until August 15th (10 pm CEST),

    and then choose among the submissions the 10 best screenshots to make a forum poll. In case I don't receive enough submissions I will have to cancel the event: NO REWARD WILL BE GIVEN TO PARTICIPANTS IF THE EVENT IS CANCELLED.

    In this forum poll you will vote with a comment and only forum accounts 1 month old and with 10 posts will be valid voters.

    The subject of the screenshot contest is...

    Recreate a DBZ scene!

    Yes! you have to take a screenshot recreating a Dragon Ball Z Scene that you enjoy, there are many places from the series in-game so go find them!

    Rules and Evaluation:

    - The screenshot has to be taken in open world.

    - Using mods is possible, but please bear in mind that if the screenshot is all about the use of it, then chances are you won't pass the first stage. Be creative!

    - Editing the screenshot is allowed but same idea: the evaluation won't focus on your photoshop skills but rather what you did in-game to take the screenshot.

    - There is no need to reproduce the scene perfectly! Will repeat it again, creativity over perfection, if the screenshot is fun you will most likely pass to the next stage!

    What about prices?

    I will post them soon as usual!

    If you have any questions please let me know. Remember to keep it civil!



    Community Manager

  • Hello,

    So far I haven't received enough submissions to continue the contest... so let's announce the prizes!

    The winner of the contest will get 10 boxes as a reward, so please keep the submissions coming!

    My inbox is waiting, cheers!


  • Sadly I didn't receive enough submissions (yet again), only 2.

    Considering the lack of participation on forum activities, I will take a break from them until further notice.

    Thank you for your attention and sorry to the ones that did participate!