Patch Notes - August 9th 2018

  • They could at least advance what they are working on so people are calm.

    Adding more dogis to the capsule would be good so a little more interest is given.

    Guild: TurtleStyle




  • awesome! cant wait, hype is stronk here that's what everyone is waiting for,much love for you and this is great news, probably all channels will be full again, ps i wonder if is at least some new dogi and not next version of same recolored dogi...

    9 recolored versions of covboy dogi and shlt like this is mistake, they should be insta replaced by something more creative


    I agree with this idea, there are too many recolors for a single type of Dogi

    They should leave at least 1 recolor for the Dogis who have it, and the others exchange them for others that have not been added.

    Maybe they can even do a Dogis creation contest every month (?) and whoever wins is added to the game. :/

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