Help with poko priest build please !!!

  • If you actually want to stand a chance in PVP this is one of the best builds. Heal over time isn't a necessity and if you actually upgrade your staff you'll do a lot of damage. Antena beam isn't enough as a poko because you don't have the healing ability of a Dende. Super Energy Bullets is important because it's a great way of stopping SKS or Dws from trying to kd you out even tho they will get some from your speed.…3000011544015240110023200

  • You under estimate Pokos damage and speed is always a necessity in PvP and especially in PvE maxing out curse is a stupid idea because theres barely any change in how much LP it takes away from your opponent. You also wasted 4 SP on a Soul Passive thats not needed and 1 SP on the soul buff which is really useless. An even bigger waste of SP is maxing out your pet. Sorry but I don't think you know anything about Poko.